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no period

I havent had a period in 4 months and have took pregnancy tests and they are all negative i have been stressed out aswell but it is still worrying,i have been to my doctors and they keep sending me away without any examination apart from advice of buying a pregnancy test which i have already done...i dont know what else to do
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Get a new doctor! If you have gone without a period for four months and you are not pregnant a gynecologist needs to examine you!
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I agree you need a new Dr.

Also stress can cause your body to do strang things, like mess with your period. I used to go 6 months without mine and there wasnt a thing wrong with me, but everyone is different.

I would call around and find a good OB/GYN
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Hi,  Well in my 20's, I had a couple of long stretches with no period like you describe.  I too was stressed at the time.  It turned out that my hormones were out of whack.  In my situation, I was producing too much estrogen.  My thyroid was out of whack as well  I had hypothyroidism.  Often if someone is anxious or depressed (even minimally as it didn't really interfere with my life and I didn't seek medical treatmen for it, it was just a difficult time)---  the thyroid gets involved.  Hormones and mood are very interrelated.  Symptoms of hypothyroidism is slight weight gain, dry skin, and more.  

I had an appointment with an endicrinologist but things resolved with me before the long wait for the appt. so I never ended up going.  I've had no trouble with too much estrogen since then and have gone on to have completely regular periods and two children.

It was my ob/gyn that was able to discern that I produced too much estrogen and had hypothroidism.  

So, I think having amenoria is reason enough for a more thorough evaluation and your physician should either do that or find another doctor,  good luck
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