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no uterus found in my body is it possible then wht will be the solution

i got a sonography report that i have no uterus found in my body i want to ask that is it possible women without uterus and if it is then how i can manage it . is there any chance to become mother
pls send me the answer
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The first question I would ask is do you have your menses?  If so, you probably have your uterus too and it was just a mistake.

I think it is possible for a woman to be born without a uterus.  Some women have unusually shaped uteruses, some have double uteruses (or two small uteruses) and so some probably could have no uterus.  I would DEFINITELY get a second opinion about this, I would not take one scan as the final word on the topic.  Maybe go to a university hospital or a teaching hospital to be sure you are getting the best scan or even a laparoscopy to be sure.  

If it does turn out to be true, I would say of course you can still have children, but you will have to get them another way.  You will be unlikely to get pregnant... In extremely rare circumstances (like the odds are one in a million) a woman has gotten pregnant with an egg that implanted somewhere else in her body besides her uterus, but the problem there is that anything can set off internal bleeding that can kill the mother just like that.  The uterus is the organ built to handle the carrying of a baby, and it is very, very unlikely that an egg that migrates elsewhere and manages to implant will actually make it to become a baby, it's more likely that you would die (and this overall is a very rare occurrence anyway).  The answer so you can have children is either adoption, or using a surrogate mother who carries a child from your eggs (if you have your ovaries) and from your husband's sperm.  Adoption is the easier route by far, surrogacy and the surrounding medicine needed to make it happen is costly.

Good luck, I hope the first scan was in error!


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Like the others have said get a second opinion.There could still be a chance for you to adopt,but first get a 2nd opinion.When I was 20 I had my son & developed bad gull stones that needed to be removed.After surgery I was sent for an ultra sound to make sure everything was o.k.Well the expr. on the techs face was not good she was diging & diging & finally told me "You know you only have 1 kidney"?WHAT!!! I was in shock & disbelif(sp?)I of course went & got a 2nd opinion & yes it was true.BUT I did have 2 only the right side was little like a baby & left was perfect.All these years & not knowing.Well needless to say I take better care of my self & drink ALOT of water.I'm sorry I now I'm rambling but my point is get a 2nd & then go on to prepare yourself for the future..hope you feel better...nanis
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my names is josh and im a 16 year old male. i was born without a userus too. will this be a problem?
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i have the same condition and i will be going to the dr. today to find out all of the details so i will let you know
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Dear Josh, I'm so sorry to hear you weren't born with a uterus but do you have ovaries and breasts? Or do you just have breasts and a scrotum? Why would you make such a comment when there are women here who legitimately have questions about their health or are you just trying to get a sex education? LOL
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Since I was about one, the doctors told my parents that I was born with only one kidney....apparently one of your kidneys grows with your uterus, so I found out when I was fifteen years old that I also was missing my uterus. In order to verify all of this I had to get M.R.I's, and multiple Ultrasounds, as well as a few visits to the gynocologists.  The upperpart of the vaginal canal forms with the uterus, so people missing their uterus usually have a very small 'opening'...a "dialator is available to make it easier to have intercourse for a first time.
I'm 21 years old now and I am able to have intercourse, but I will never be able to have children myself, which is a let down because thats the one thing I knew I wanted to do with my life. The good news is, women like me are able to adopt children who may not have had a good life otherwise! I don't have much information on this situation myself, as I was the only person I knew of who was like this, but I'm glad to know now that I am not alone!
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Just found this clip on www.surrogacy.com

"MRKH stands for Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome, named after four men who studied this birth defect. It is a defect found when a woman is born without a uterus, cervix, and, in many cases, a vagina, and therefore cannot reproduce. There can also be kidney anomalies. Since this is a syndrome, there are many degrees to this condition, so each MRKH woman is different."
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Yes, there is hope. If you have a good friend they could have the child for you. Or you can always adopt kids.
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I dont have a uterus. trust me in know im 17 no period at all.
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Hi, I am now 42, a twin at birth and was born without a cervix or a uterus. I found out when I was 17 as I had no period.
It was diagnosed through a laparoscopy. Trust me....I am fully a women and my husband is glad for that. 36-28-36.....
My twin can and has had children and has no trouble, but I will not. However, we are foster parents, and aunts and uncles to a bunch of kids and love every minute of it. I understand the we...people like us...are born with one male chromosome. Which is also cool because there are only one and 5 million of us. So we are special. In nature, all animals who can give virgin births are set up this way. However, that’s just interesting....
It's hard at first...lots of crying.....then you feel different.....then you figure out how to get on with it in a different way...that is if you don't just want a pity party and truly want children that can change the world... We so far have had a 7 ....9...13...and 2 months old.
Praise the lord!
I still with I could have that belly and growing inside me...however, I work at a YMCA..and I have a friend who's name is Annie, and she has a worse problem....no limbs....none...arms or legs...just a body.....
I am thankful for such a small anomaly...
I pray for peace soon for you.
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I'm now 22 and I was told when I was 17 that my uterus was the size of a tooth of a comb. it feels better knowing that there are other ppl out there like me. I have no period also, and will never b able to bare my own child.
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can it be possible that I may not have a uterus? I got pregnant twice and I cant make it past 2 monthes....... the doctors said they arent gonna start testing me till I have another miscarriage. and I think thats Bull$#@!
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well actually I meant to say that is my uterus too small to have a child?
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I have a close friend who was born without a uterus.  No menses, but she did have her ovaries and was able to harvest her eggs for a potential surrogate to carry for her back in 1998.  I was by her side for that whole process since her hubby traveled on business so much.  Later, they divorced and she donated her eggs to couples who had fertility issues of their own....        

I was born with a double uterus (uteri) tho'!  Kid you not....  Suspected it as far back as 1992, but not confirmed until 2000.  I called her up and offered her one of mine for transplant when I got the news.  She actually thought that was pretty funny....  
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I am 20 and just found out I also suffer from Mullerian Agenesis (born with no uterus) and it was the most devastating news of my life! I love children and would love to have many of my own.  It hurts so much to think that I wil never experience being pregnant but I am also thankful that I still have my own ovaries and therefore my own eggs.  This means my partner and I will get to have our own babies through IVF and a surrogate mother.  It is going to be expensive and take a lot longer than a normal conception but I believe that it will be totally worth it.  Adoption is also an option I would love to pursue. I believe that I was meant to be an amazing mum and nothing is going to stop me! :) To all those women out there who share this condition, be strong because there is definately hope. And the positive side is that we never have to worry about periods like our friends do, or horrible stretch marks from childbirth! X X
P.S> to all those people who post comments with no knowledge of the facts in relation to this condition please dont because your suggestions can be totally wrong and misleading to the people who are looking for real answers. This is real life its not a joke so please be considerate.
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i haven't uteus and vagina. can i have baby? how? pleas tell me why?
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it could be that it's too small.. mine uterus in 3cm and the norm they said was 6cm. my prob is there's no cervix for the sperm to get to in the uterus and do anything.. i always say i'm missing the "mixing" bowl. but if you've bn preggo twice now... do you have a cervix? do you have a period? i don't understand why if i have ANY uterus we ccouldn't just do ivf and do a csection.. makes sense to me. But the dr's seem so dumb on this subject.
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My name is Kayla. Im 17. and when i was 15, my step-mama took me to the doctor because i wasnt having a period. After like 2 years of going back and forth to the doctor, getting blood drawn and getting testes ran on me they found out i dont have a uterus either. And that i will never be able to have children of my own. At first i was sad because im so young and they already know i want be able to have children. I go back to the doctor today to get a check up because they are keeping an eye on my ovaries because they produce eggs but they have no way to come out. i used to wouldnt believe any body when they said i couldnt have kids because they said i couldnt have sex either but i can. Now that i know for sure i cant have kids i will surely adopt in the future!! :)
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There are same problem like kalpana jadhav.  I have not came the monthely cycle yet.  I am 21 year old now.   I have also check up the sonography and other test.  In that the conclusion is I have no uterus.  The transplant of uterus is possible on that problem?  Or any other operation is available on that problem?  Please tell me.  How to face that problem.  I can't marrage to anyone because this problem.. I am waiting....
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yes my name is christina and i had a partial hysterectomy april of last year i was just wondering if i could ever get pregnant again cause im having weird cravings for food
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I am 35 and I was born with no uterus, no vagina and only 1 kidney. I found this out when I was 12. When I was 15 I lost my left ovary to torsion and a few months later the right ovary to torsion. Talk about making sure I don't have my own kids! At 16 I had a vagina constructed for me so that I could have sex. Well that didn't work for me. I have major scaring and no use of it now. I still have a VERY hard time coping with this. But there is always someone who has it worse. This comment I hate bc it doesn't make me feel any better. I also hate the comment " Oh you are so lucky that you don't have to have a period". Yeah right!! I will trade you your period and being able to have children for 20+ years of menopause ANY DAY!! I am married to the man that was there for me when I had the constructive surgery. We were only teenagers at the time and he understood and didn't care. We went our separate ways a year later and now he has found me again has a daughter that lost her mother to a car wreck and we have been together for 5 years now. He still doesn't care about me not being able to have kids and doesn't care that we can't have "traditional" sex and also doesn't care about the terrible scaring across the abdomen. I am very lucky in many ways. But it doesn't make the pain go away. It's just tolerable. I don't know the right words to make you feel better. But I can tell you I completely understand.
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