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not sure...but everyone else is sure im preggo

hey everyone, so last month my period was a few days late, i started spotting light pink for bout a day, then dark dark brown bit heavier spotting for 3 days then back to light pink spotting then it stopped. everytime i eat something i feel nauseous and it gets worse at night. when i was spotting it felt as if my body was trying to have a period but it wasnt comeing out. ive been headachy to but only a little. as long as i have had my period it has been super heavy like niagra falls, and i always get real bitchy pms like right before. but that didnt happen this time....i started getting really giddy and loopy....ive been in a fog of giddyness latly which is so not normal for me. my stomach feels like its constantly full...like its filled with water or something.....bloated...

my boyfriend is snipped.......has been for 3 years......but he never went back for the post op checkup after it was done and he said he thinks the dr screwed something up on one of the vas diferense, because one of his balls swelled up HUGE compared to the ther one and when the dr cut it the first one hurt but the second one was rediculasly painful culd feel him cut something. dr was a **** too. but my bf wasnt exactly being nice either.

everyone thinks i am pregnant...even my mom...all my friends, and my bf. (he has 5 kids and has been through this many times before).....im not fully convinced.....but i know something is off ith my body...and i know its not a cyst, ive had those before...this is nothing like that and that ws my very first thought. ive been pregnant 4 times before but had misscarriages each time, my body thought that it as an infection cuz of the difference in blood types. my bf and i have the same blood type unlike the other times i had been pregnant, and this feels more intense then those times so im not really sure what im feeling.

my bf had my take two prego tests. the first one came out negative....but i didnt pee on it very long and whatnot...so he made me drink a bunch of water and take another one...i peed on it and it came out....mostly negative.....the positive line is sooooo super super super light you almost cant see it, but its there...more then has ever poped up on a test for me before. and its deffinatly there. my bf has never seen one so light so he doesnt know what to think bout that test, but i know that is a sure sign of SOMETHING. usually when i had taken tests before they came out neg till i got a blood test....then two months in i would misscarry.....so the fact that i had a..semi pos....does that mean im pregnant and my body isnt rejecting it?
i dont know what to think right now...and i know that the dark brown blood could be decidual bleeding....blah blah blah, ive done my research but i wanted to ask real people......maybe someone can qualm my nerves bout it......
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