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omg please help me

PLEASE READ THIS AND HELP ME i am a young teen and i have lumps all in the INSIDE of my vagina.they are not small but not huge either ..i dont know if thats normal or not..the lumps are never itchy or sore, dont bleed and no pus comes out they are just really bumpy...nothing at all happens to them..i have looked up the symptoms and i have none...i hav had these lumps for a long time the first time i think i found them was 2 years ago..i have a boyfriend and had unprotected sex( i know this is dangerous but he has been tested for std and he has nothing) more then once with him a litte while ago..but i had these lumps when i was still a virgin....but i was thinking if it was warts i had wouldnt he have them??? im am so upset i cant tell my mam and i cant go to the doctors...plse help and tell me what it is
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ive got a high texture inside my vigina, this could just simply be you maturing, and youre system is growing up. if there is no pain, dont worry. no std, so dont stress. and maybe birth contril of pill type should be youre course of action... but atleased the texture helps with the apponing mates pleasure. keep youre head up, and keep safe, expeccially witht this recession coming, you shouldnt have a child to feed, it could be hard enough to feed yourself.
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You need to tell your mum, she was a teenager once too you know... but if you really cant then go to the doc... do you have a free clinic for teens where you can get tested and check ups etc some where near where you live?? take a friend if ur afraid, its best to get tested for STDs no matter what, you just NEVER know for sure and it could be doing you damage. Life will go on and your mum will get over it, chances are she will be glad that you can go to her for help, thats what mums are for. EVERYONE has things they are embarrassed about, the best tool to over come something is knowledge of it and there is no point wondering. Get tested and one day you will wonder what the fuss is about, everything seem so much more intense when your a teen, you will be ok, be brave and look after yourself, you will be respected for it in the end.

Good luck hun xx
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