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on Birth control and forgot to skip a week between packs

Hi, I’ve recently gotten on a birth control pill called “ Norethindrone Acetate and Ethinyl Estradiol 1mg/0.02 mg” What I’ve recently discovered is after taking the three weeks of pills I’m supposed to take a week off of the pills and then start the new pack. Needless to say, I was unaware that I was supposed to be taking this week off between packs. I’ve been taking this birth control for almost 4 months without these week breaks between packs. Is this something I should worry about? By not taking the week break between pills  will it render the pills useless? Also will it interfere with me refilling my next prescription? Please let me know and thank you in advance.
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It shouldn't interfere with you getting a refill, but as a precaution you should refill in plenty of time, in case the pharmacist has to call your doctor for an okay.

Going a long time without taking a break to let your body have a period is not great for you. Your endometrial lining needs to shed. When you do stop the pills, get ready for anything in regards to the period that comes. It might be normal but it might be heavy, and it might be darker or browner than usual. If you get a lot of cramping, ibuprophen helps a lot.

Talk to your doctor, if you are worried. And also, read the package insert next time!  :)

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