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open forum - Oliver

Hey ladies. when I am done, you may use this post for what ever you want. I just need to say something.


   I think the web site you posted is something you can shove where the sun don't shine. We DO NOT have a disorder, we are friends. Sounds to me like you need some. You must want to start something to post it where a bunch of hormonal pregnant women are. All you are doing is upsetting them. They have enough on their mind's as it is. You are a very mean and nasty person to put something like that. Women on here need advice. That's what friends are for. If you don't like the site  - then go away. Far away. Go make some friends, if any would have you.

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I must have missed something...
What happened?
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Look up the site oliver put on a lot of the post's.I got really ticked off. I'm still mad about it. I hipe I don't get kicked off for saying what I did. I tried to put it the best and nicest way I could.
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Usually the people that post nothing but a website over & over for a day are nothing but an advertising troll.  We'll probably never see that poster again.

Try not to worry about it too much.  They happen from time to time.
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Oliver if you have such a perfect life, and never had questions about anything, why would you spend any of your precious time here?  and then you also take more of your time researching some made up disorders?  hmmm, doesnt sound like you have anything better to do!!  You are not perfect so quit judging people!! certainly you dont know any of us, and we dont know you nor do we care to. thanks
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What forum is this post on?
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Scroll down and see where oliver has posted.  This is a new person, and I doubt they'll ever be back again.
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i am going to go waaaay out on a limb here and risk getting booted off by my medhelp pals but if you all calm down a bit (although i am one to talk for i am SO pms right now) but olivers post was on dependant personality and i THINK was being helpful (or trying anyway) to caraboo since she asked if she should go back to her husband or not. it was not directed toward us but to the poster. do you all still like me? am i still "in" since i disagreed? i think i have that disorder..LOL!!!!
gotta go get my girl at school. i will be back...if im still welcome here.... LOL.
oh red river please flow for me!!!
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He/she also posted the link on a thread about clomid...I'm thinking troll, too.
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Oh, I hope he does come back, and read what i put! That is just rude! What a dork.
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He posted everywhere.  Several threads, both Men's and Women's forums.  Just a troll, never to be seen or heard from again.  :-)
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I told ya'll i am on my pd. i can't help but be mean as a strip-ed snake! I don't even want to be around myself. Hubby got home from work .He got rained out. He doesn'tknow it yet, but he's next on my list.
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"He doesn'tknow it yet, but he's next on my list."

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