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pain in chest, armpit

I have been having pain in the upper left side of my chest, on and off, for about a year now.  I have been seen by 3 different doctors and a surgeon.  I have had a chest xray, a breast exam and an ekg.  They have diagnosed it as anything from anxiety to heartburn to breast pain.  I tried heartburn medicine, but that didn't do anything.  I don't believe I have anxiety, and thankfully the breast exam didn't show any problems.
I know there is something wrong, though.  The pain starts in the upper left part of my chest and radiates to my armpit.  Sometimes my skin itches.  Today I feel like there is a probem in my left arm, also, like my nerves in the underside of my arm are irritated.
I do take birth control pills and have read that they can cause breast pain.  Although the pain isn't in my entire left breast, it is in the upper part of it, but more in my chest then in my breast.  The pain feels like it is just under the surface of my skin.  There are no physical changes to my breast or my skin.

Has anyone had these symptoms before?
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I'm really not sure what that could be, but having tenderness on the outside of your breasts (towards the armpit) can be caused by your hormones, both your own and those in birth control. Allthough I don't know what would cause pain radiating down your arm. I hope you find the cause soon...I'm sure it must be pretty frustrating going from doctor to doctor without getting a real answer.
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I've experienced the same thing and I'm starting to become worried.  I have this pain in my left armpit right along the edge of my left breast.  No problems with my right.  I'm not sure what this is and if it warrants getting it checked out.
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Hi, i have a similar problem. My pain is on my left side underarm, on my rib cage. It hurts all round my back sort of near the mid and last ribs at the back. It has been like this for about a week now.... i went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with Urine infection thats traveled into my kidneys. Im on Antibiotics at the moment but the pain seems to have traveled more and more to the back and under arm rather than the original side and bottom front section. The pain is quite severe and the doctor was not very helpful at all. There is a distinct spot on my rib (underarm) in line with my breast. i am getting worried about this pain. can you help me anyone?
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Hi! I was on a car crash about a year ago. At the point of the crash, I felt like something shook my left breast. That started the pain in my left breast. Every time I feel the pain in my left breast, there's also a corresponding pain in my back and left shoulder. Sometimes the pain is mild. Other times it is so severe. Right now, the pain is radiating to my left arm. My left breast nipple and the skin in my left arm are itchy.
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I am a 48 year old female with 3 children (ages 28, 24 and 20). I have never had any surgeries or hospitalizations except for childbirth related. I had a car accident 6 years ago resulting in bruised ribs, 2 herniated disks in lower left back, 2 herniated disks in lower...  [More]   neck where neck and spine connect on left side and sore left hip. I was treated for a few months to resolve the issues. At the beginning of the year I began to have pain in my left underarm and under my left breast, Since then I have had quite a few incidents but more recently I have had chest discomfort and tightness in the heart area and dizziness. Last week my husband had a stress test and they discovered 2 arteries were blocked and caused discomfort for him during exercise. During his cardiac catheterization 2 stents were put in his heart. My husband is only 49 and likes to run, so they attributed it to genetics, while I am not physically active. Because of my husband's problem I contacted my mother who told me that my father had cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart, cardiac heart failure, high bp and high cholesterol. My mother has had 2 silent heart attacks found by scar tissue and blood clots in right leg so a filter was inserted in groin area. I am concerned about my health now so I saw a doctor yesterday. Because most of the episodes involved my breast and underarm she ordered a mammogram but with my urging I had an EKG with normal results (not reassuring as my husband's EKG was normal), she also suspects because of the herniated disks in my neck may be sending pain to my chest (I have no pain in my neck). I am worried that it might be my heart. I am still having mild pain (1-2) in my left underarm and chest. Should I be worried or push for further heart testing or other tests? If so what tests?
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I have been having the same symptoms for about 2 weeks.  I recently had a lump removed from my right breast and was not cancer.  I think it might be hormones.  I have been getting it on and off pain in breast, but always worse in left. I don't think it's my heart.  Should I see a doctor
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I have had this same type of pain for  5 years now.  Started in my left side, and about a year later moved to my right.  The pain is very sharp, and got more and more frequent, until I basically became disabled.  It shoots, and is worst in my left side: mostly chest & upper armpit/shoulder area.....but my breasts are also very tender.  I am also achy, and my hips get so that I can barely walk--- this actually developed later as well.  I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Polymyalgia Rhuematica.  But I know I don't have any of these.  But they've never been able to figure it out.  Luckily, I had a cortizone shot 2 years ago, that saved my life because the pain was about 75% less and became maneagable.  But it is now coming back, and I only write here because this is the most similar that I have ever seen anyone have as close to my same symptoms.  It does scare me when it really feels strong in my heart region.  I really do believe that it is hormone related and it is affecting my heart.  My period gets wierd, I sweat a ton, and my breasts are tender.  What type of doctor do I need to see?
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Hi I have the same thing and of course then had panic thinking heart issues, breast cancer and all other things.

But it ended up being a pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck.. if you press down on the top of your shoulder close to your neck and it creates the shooting pains, then you most likely have the same thing.

It took a long time to diganose it, but that is what it was/is.

I hope you feel better soon
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What about the possibility of otereoperorsis?  I also have the same problem, but it comes and goes.  I am going to consume more calcium and less of the bad food and see if that helps at all
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I have pain in the left breast area, across the top and under the left armpit...sometimes it is so excrutiating that feels like I am having a heart attack....I have had a stroke and a stent put in 3 yrs ago..I have had all the tests, x-rays, MRI, cat scans ...they can't find out anything...I did have a blockage in my esophagus and that was taken care of....but now I have this pain....it nevers goes away....It isn't acid reflux....I was just in the ER and they didn't find anything.....treated me for acid reflux....I was angry.....They don't know what it is....so think it is all in your head....This pain is real.....
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Hi I am 37 and have the same problems you have it scares me really bad let me know what you find out
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I would actually go and consult with a Chiropractor.  Try to find one who is respected with a good reputation.  I was amazed at how many health issues were resolved once I had my spine properly aligned.  Having subluxations in your spine can contribute to heart attack and even stroke.  It can't hurt to get it checked out!
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