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pain in ovaries

Hello, I was wondering if anybody had this happen to them. About six months ago, I woke up, and and sever pain, in my left and right side, where my ovary are. It lasted all day, and was so bad, I couldnt move, I had pain in my ovaries before and had always went to the Er, and they never could find nothing, I have no insurance so i was not wanting to go and them tell me nothing was wrong,, well like midnight that night the pain finally eased up. I made appointment the next day for the Doc, I all all the test, and they said nothing was wrong,, well for the last six months I have pain usually in my right side, everyday, Around my ovulation time, is always the worst,,
When, I had it the first time, it was so bad, i couldnt. put pressure on my lower belly, it hurt so bad all the way across, It has never, hurt like that before, but i still have pain, all the time on one side or the other, The pain feels like someone squeezing my ovires,and I feel like my ovaries or heavy.. I just don't know if I should go back to the doc, sence the all the test came back fine,,, I just want to know why I am hurting like I am..
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baby4me is right. It sounds like ovarian cyst. I had very bad pains before in and out of ER. They did U/S, they could not find anything. Finally they did Ct scan abd there was a cyst on my right ovary. I had the cyst removed through laporascopy. Good luck
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Ovarian cysts is something I have been dealing with since I was thirteen (I am now 30) birth control pills can help alleviate the symptoms, so can pregnancy.  They hurt really bad when they burst, so maybe they didn't see anything on the sonograms because of this.  My doctor monitors me on a regular basis to ensure they do not get too big.  Don't be afraid to take something for the pain, it's pretty much all you can do.
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It sounds to me like a ovarian cyst. Did you have an u/s? Especially if it is worse around ovulation time. Good luck!
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I always have ovulation pain.  That is how I conceived my son.  The dr couldnt do anything for mine either.  
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I experienced the same pain,when went oto Er there was nothing the dcoe could do for me, except give me pain medicine, the said take pelvic rest. this is a ongoing pain and doc make you feel like the pain does not exsist. I go to the doc on Monday I am goting to request an ultra sound. maybe you should try that.
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It's probably an ovarian cyst sometimes they don't show up during ur first part of ur cycle as they prob just bursted during your period. Best to do an ultrasound just before ur period and one after to see if they go and come with ur period. Also do a blood test to check for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Also another sign for having ovarian cysts is skipping ur period. Be careful of them not being cancerous just make sure your doc checks that too (don't worry 99% there just cysts that go and come with your period). If they don't go with ur period and they grow larger than 5cm then u need to operate if they stay smaller then u don't even need to worry about surgery. This is a painful process best to stock up on a good pain killer and consider birth control pills I suggest yaz or vallet but these r non PBS medicines and are not covered by Medicare (I am from Australia). Best of luck and of ur not happy ask for a second opinion.
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