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painful sore on inside of labia majora- not herpes!

I am  19 and have been with the same guy for 3 and a half- almost 4 years. He has never done anything sexual before me and it's the same for me. A few days ago I noticed a pea sized sore that resembled a canker sore on the inside of my labia majora. It is red and crater-like with a white center. It is itchy and sore and I was wondering what I could do to get rid of it and what it could be. I am fighting a sinus infection as well, i'm not sure if there is any relevance. I hurts a lot and is annoying when I am trying to sleep. Please help!
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Sounds like an ingrown hair...this forum gets bump questions here all the time, and most of the time that is culprit. You can get these from shaving, or not. I'm pretty sure they clear themsleves up, but Some of the women on here have stated a lack of patience and have pick them..Ouch! if you do that you could risk infection..
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the only thing I'm worried about is it's in a spot where no hair grows and I've had ingrown hairs before and they weren't like this. I put antibacterial gel on it. and it doesn't seem to hurt as much. I hope that was a good thing to do.
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Why do you feel its not herpes?  Oral herpes can be present on the genitalia.

And sadly, read the STD forum.  Many, many men are not quite as faithful as what they proclaim to be.

A crater-like sore sounds very suspicious for herpes.  You should show it to a doctor before it clears up, which it will in a few days if it's herpes.  Remember that HSV1, the oral type, can be present on the genitals and it doesn't mean he cheated.  

But again, you need to see a doctor to be sure what it is.  Could be something completely different.  But herpes would have to be high on the list.

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I trust my guy to the fullest. and i've looked at the pictures for herpes and it doesn't look like it.  i'm going to the doctor on friday. hopefully it hasn't  gone away by then. any more information would be nice though. thanks for everything!
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Does your boyfriend perform oral sex on you? Herpes one can be transmitted to the genitals if you aren't already infected orally hun.  You must look at all possibilities here.  This is your body & your health.  You should have it looked at within 24 - 48 hours of it's appearance for an accurate diagnosis.  Sadly, by Friday, the Doctor may not be able to give you a clear answer.  If it goes away & comes back, have it looked at it promptly.
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well he has before. but it's been a while. so if he had a cold/canker sore it could transfer over? I've gotten canker sores before in my mouth, could it be the same thing? or a fever blister maybe. I have had a fever the last couple of days. friday is the earliest i can get an appointment. my boyfriend swears he has never cheated on me and i believe him. it's only one sore too, not a bunch like i've seen. is herpes I sexually transmitted, and what are the symptoms? I'm so confused.
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