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pelvic/TVU for abnormal bleeding, need help

I have possible PCOS and irregular cycles. I get roughly 9 periods a year that usually are about 3-4 days or moderate/heavyish bleeding. Last month I had light flow for 2.5 weeks then 3 days of heavier bleeding with clots. I was sent for ultrasounds (pelvic and transvaginal). This same thing happened to me in 2016 as well. In 2016, I had endo thickness of 1.8cm but then got heavier bleeding the next day. Then stopped. This time the day before my ultrasound I got heavier bleeding with clots so I had that during my ultrasound unfortunately. Below is my report with following questions...

The uterus measures 7cm length x 3.5 cm anterior-posterior x 4.4cm transverse. The uterus appears retroverted. The endometrial thickness by endo vaginal scanning is 7.5mm. The endometrium is not well seen and appears somewhat heterogeneous.
There appears to be some debris and fluid in the endocervical canal.

The right ovary measures 3.1cm length x 2.3cm anterior-posterior c 3.6cm transverse.
The left ovary measures 2.9cm length x 1.8cm anterior-posterior x 2.1cm transverse.

Blood flow is identified to both ovaries.
No free fluid.
Fluid and debris in the endocervical region. Consider correlation with the speculum exam.
Heterogeneous endometrium measuring 7.5cm in thickness.

Now my question ... I had what I thought to be a consult for a d and c with my Gyno yesterday. Thiss was before my results were posted to my chart online. My fear for the past few weeks has been cancer. He was very confident that I do not have cancer and did not think a d and c was needed. I was not confident and basically stated I want one to be sure. (I have never had one) Was that the wrong choice? My thought was I wanted to know for sure and also see if there was anything else visible. My husband and I would like to begin trying to conceive. There will be a hysterscopy as well. Could I be causing more damage or problems by requesting a d and c?

My second question is... is there anything alarming on this ultrasound? Is retroverted uterus bad? My ultrasound in 2016 did not mention this. I also have been having lower back pain, not severe.  Would it cause this? And what is the fluid and debris in endocervical canal?? I was having heavier bleeding with clots during this ultrasound... would that be what was seen or something more serious?

I am very worried... thank you for your time!
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