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pelvic pain - radiating into legs

Hi, I am a 48 yr old woman. I have been having pains deep in my pelvic area for several weeks now. The pain seems to be in my lower back also and radiated down my legs making them feel like my thighs are cramping all the time.I have a history of endometriosis but never with pain like this.  I am seeing my gyny on Tuesday but wondered if anyone might have any suggestions/ideas?  I am really worried that something is very wrong deep in my pelvic/uterus/ovary areas. I am also hypothyroid, (Hashimotos).
Thanks so much
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Your symptoms sound like mine. I have the deep thigh pain, back pain, pelvic pain. I also have thyroid issues (post hypothyroidism). I had my thyroid removed 15yrs ago.

I started having irregualr cycles that started Dec. 3. I have had four so far. I am actually having an ultrasound done of the pelvis tomorrow. I am 38, so it could be early signs of menopaus.

I will let you know what they say.

Keep me posted on yours...
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Hi there - thanks for you comments.Thats exactly how I feel - the pain is deep in my pevis and in my thighs - almost like a have run miles and my legs feel so heavy and sore.  I am not overweight so can't blame that.  I am having an ultrasound (trans vaginal) on Moonday afternoon.  I hope you get somj answers too.  This pain is driving me crazy.  Another sleepless night. I know my doc says my bloods indicate peri menopause but I have not heard of anyone having pain because of menopause unless there is an underlying physical problem.
Interesting that you have thyroid issues too!  Oh well - lets hope we both get some kind of answers - I am very worried.
J x
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