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pelvic pain. i have no idea whats wrong! endometriosis?

ok so, i'm 18 years old. i've always had pretty painful periods. i get cramps alot and i get them pretty bad, but i always would just take lots of ibuprofen and suck it up because i thought it was just normal and something i'd have to deal with. i just get cramps a lot for my whole period (8 days) and it gets really bad sometimes. other than the pain i get with my period...i would say that nothing else is really too out of the ordinary.

so i always thought that this was nothing to worry about. but within the last month i started having pelvic pain similar to the pain i have when i have my period, but it has started to become pretty constant (although sometimes its really dull and subtle, and other times i'm doubled over in pain or can't move). my most recent period lasted two weeks! it was extremely painful.

i went to the gynecologist a few weeks ago (the pelvic exam was so painful i couldnt get out of bed the next morning, and that whole next day). when i was there she didn't seem much could be wrong. she asked if my periods are normal and i said yes (thinking that they were decently normal, i now realize that was a huge mistake). my ultrasound only shows two really small cysts that shouldnt be causing any pain and my ct scan didnt show anything significant, and my blood is normal (no infections). i also saw a g.i. specialist and was confirmed that i have no g.i. disorders. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME

i have no idea what my problem could be! could i have something like endometriosis? could i have had something for awhile that is just getting really bad now? can endometriosis make exercise painful? as well as sex and pelvic exams painful?

its becoming a serious problem for me because i am a full time ballet dancer, and i've so far been off for a month because i cant exercise (it causes me pain now). its ruining my career and pretty much my life because my life is devoted to dancing and involves a lot of exercise. has anyone else had anything like this? what could this be? any words of advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
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I would say Endo.  I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on June 25th because of my horrible, HORRIBLE pains and the bleeding I have. My pain is also so bad that pain pills don't help. They knock me out and that helps but it doesn't relieve the pain at all. The pain really does effect your life. There are times when I'm in bed all day and I'm a really active person. I love being outdoors and doing really active things. Anyways, they found minimal endo, a polyp in the middle of my uterus and a cyst on my fallopian tube. He said some have hardly any endo and hurt like crazy while others can have alot and never hurt. So, he told my family that if this doesn't help my pain then they'll have to send me to a pelvic specialists.  That surgery did not help my pain at all. For some reason as like before I'm still having alot of lower back pain. It hurts in my hips at times and radiates down in my thighs.  Ever since I've been having problems I've always had lower back pain. It's right around my tail bone and it's awful. I'm constantly situating myself trying to get comfortable, trying to get some relief and hoping that it'll ease up if not go away. I would ask your gyno about Endo.  Have a laparoscopy, get an idea of what's in there and if there is something have it removed.  IF it's not that at least it'll rule that out and you can move on to finding what the problem is.  I go for my check up Thursday and I have ALOT of questions for him.  He was saying that about the pelvic specialists BUT if I'm still having this lower back pain and it has to do with my pelvic area then why does it make my ovaries hurt as well? That's my main question for him. I hope you find answers soon. No one deserves to be in that much pain.

If you need to talk or have questions if I can help I'll be glad to, or like I said, just talk if you need to. Take Care, I wish you the best. :)
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thank you so much its so nice to know that someone else is going through something so similar.  i think i will ask my doctor about endometriosis, because i really feel like this could be a possibility.  thank you and i wish you the best of luck as well!
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