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is it normal for ur period to stop and start again while menstrating?
i got my period on monday and it stop last night with brown blood and what not, like usual, but then it just starting again like 5 min. ago with red clotty blood.
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Sometimes the flow can be fast or slow. I used to have a normal day then nothing and then on day 5 flash flooding.  You maybe holding some in your uterous. If you have endometriosis it can start and stop all the time. If you are really worried see the doctor. Take care.
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this is my post in a different section, do u think that this could be related?
. my doctor suspects that i have diverticulitis, but i don't understand why i would have this problem because i am only 23 and relatively healthy otherwise. i am on antibiotics because of the bleeding and pain and waiting for more tests (the waiting lists here are in desperate need of help!!)
why at only 23 would i be having a problem like this?
can anyone shed some light on this for me?
thankx in advance, shyan
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This, to me, does not seem out of the ordinary. I have had this happen a number of times. I found that if I increased my activity level-my flow would get back on track.

As for diverticulitis, I would want a colonoscopy performed for a definative answer.
How did your doctor come to that conslusion?
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Yeh it seems like that would your reasons. If your clot though is really large you do need to see the doctor. Take care
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I have had clots and didn't worry too much about them. If this became routine, I certainly would ask my doctor about it.
Last month, I passed one the size of a ping-pong ball which is abnormal for me. However, I have heard women go through this as well.
I am going to keep an eye on it and mention this next I visit my doctor.
Prior to age 19, I experienced clots along with very painful period on the first day. I felt very sick. In looking back, think I had endometriosis. After the birth of my first child-I never had that kind of pain again.
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Diverticulitus can happen at any age. It is caused from a low fibre diet. After your antibiotics etc. Try to slowly adjust your diet with more fibre. Try and relax too, things in that area get worse when you are tensed up. I know you are in pain, try and breath through it it will help a little. Take care and hope it all works out for you. Don't worry too much about your menstrual flow until you the other area worked out first. You will find it will all then go back to normal. good luck!
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thankx everybody!
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