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pimple or worse?

my outer labia is swollen and has developed this hard bump that looks a lot like a pimple.  i'm worried it's something bad and i'm scared to go to the doctor.  it's started to develop then went away but it came back and it's beginning to hurt a tad. it only came back after my boy friend and i did some sexual things... is it just a pimple?
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you shouldnt be afraid to go to the dr.
is it a particular color? there was a post that i responded to a couple weeks back and if you have what i had before, its called a barthowemews (sp) cyst. it started off small (mine was on the outter labia on the side) and it did increase w. size. it HURT and was even hard to walk. it was purplish. anyway, the dr. said to put HOT cloth on it as often as i could. i did that and it finally relieved itself (popped) im trying not to be gross. but wow, it felt so much better. ive had them every now and then since but not as bad. what about an ingrown hair? like i said, dont be afraid to go get it looked at. you know if its something serious, you want to be able to do something about it early on and it its nothing, you can relax right?
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I agree, don't be afraid to go to the doctor. Chances are it is just a cyst and hot compresses should bring it to the surface so it can rupture on its own. My sister and dad have serious issues with fluid filled cysts forming at various locations and have had to do the hot compress thing frequently.

I had one friend who actually had hers treated at the doctor's office. They applied a local, excised the cyst, stitched her up, and sent her home. She was fine.

So my advice is to see your GYN as soon as you can to get it looked at and treated.

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I had something similar as well, and of course I was terrified.  I went to the doctor and had it checked out, she told me it was an ingrown hair.  She said to sit in a hot bath about three times a day and just soak, and to also apply a hot cloth to it.  Also don't wear thongs or anything else like that which would make it more irritating.  And it should go away in a few days.
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