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pink discharge.

I'm 34, married and sexually active. Recently I started having watery discharge so bad I have to wear a pad. The past few days it became thick, Like a yeast infection. Now I am having pink discharge. Some of  meds I am on(not birth control)caused me to be without a period for almost 5 years now. My husband and I don't use any birth control but the pull out method. I am treating myself for a yeast infection but the pink discharge has me concerned. Thoughts?
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Hi there and welcome.  Do you see a doctor for annual pelvic exams?  Especially important if your medical issues/medications cause you not to have a period.  Also, I'd be really open with your doctor about whether or not you also don't ovulate because the pull out method is not reliable birth control.  

Pink discharge means your vaginal walls or cervix may be irritated.  Pink is a mix of the discharge and new blood.  I'd actually go ahead and make a doctor's appointment to check the discharge and make sure all is well.  For yeast, they can give you a fast acting systemic pill that works great.  And if it is another type of infection, they can treat that.

good luck
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Thank you so much for your reply. I am hoping to get an appointment within the week. It's been quite a while since my last pelvic. I suck it up and go.
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