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plan b while on birth control

i took plan b a week ago and i’ve been on birth control pills for about 3 weeks now. i took plan b when i was only on my 5th day of bc. plan b was taken 8 hours after unprotected sex. next week it will be time for my period. since i’m on birth control i have a timed period  at the end of each month. i’m concerned with the plan b effecting my period and making it late. i do have pregnancy tests stocked up just incase. i have already took 2 and they have been dead negative. i plan to take one when my period is supposed to come. i just don’t want to be pregnant right now i’m not in the greatest situation. any advice or tips.
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You have been on birth control for three weeks and took the plan B- is that correct?  It's really highly unlikely that you would be pregnant, there is always a slim chance of failure with any birth control method, but I really don't think that it's at all likely that has happened for you.  

If you are worried about conceiving from sex that took place about a week ago- the tests wouldn't show up as positive yet.  You can give it a few weeks and test again.  

Let us know how you are doing.  
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Probably the plan B was overkill.  But I guess better safe than sorry.  My suggestion is to just give the doctor or clinic that prescribed the birth control a call and ask them what to expect.  You added a big does of hormones when you were already regulating with hormones. This will affect you in some way such as side effects.  When on the pill, you really don't get a 'period'.  You take 3 weeks of active hormone and then a week of sugar pills.  The sugar pills causes you to then bleed.  You never ovulated though when on the pill so it's not like a real period.  You are right though, you may not have that down time where you spot like you would if you were just taking a normal pill packet.  I'd again, just call your doctor to confirm that.  I would not think you got pregnant from the double whammy of 3 weeks of birth control (which is like a full cycle of active pills) and Plan B on top of that.  good luck
Well, officially 2 weeks since i took the plan b (while still consistently taking my birth control) and i took a pregnancy test this morning and it came out negative. i guess plan b does work after all.
Yes, and the irregularity could go on for a long time still.  Unfortunately, it's one of the side effects of plan B.  So, if after 3 or so months you are still experiencing period weirdness, talk to your doctor.  good luck
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