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please help

i had anal sex with my boyfriend around the 3th or 14th of last month.den i took an emergency contraceptive pill.i was finished wid my periods before v had anal sex.my periods hd strtd on 8th of january n ended on 13th but after i took the pill i had bleeding on 20th of jan wich lasted for 3 days.i did a pregnancy test twice it came out 2 b negative.v again had anal sex dis month n nw my periods are almost 2 weeks late.i even had 3 pregnancy tests n all came out 2 b negative.im really getting scared.i dnt knw if im pregnant or not n im scared 2 c a doctor also.
what should i do.please help me if ne can
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Wait 2 weeks and take another pregnancy test, but I would recommend calling your doctor if you are so scared, at least get a professional opinion--that's what they are there for! Perhaps you would like to look into using condoms so that you do not have to take the emergency contraceptive and then worry you are pregnant though.  Good luck.
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but im too scared 2 consult a doc.i live in a country where gtng physical wid a boy be4 marriage is nt considered gud
even d doctors wnt lyk it
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