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please help..i really need to lose weight...

hello, am 5'6 and weight 160.. i need to lose 30 to 40 lb.. i really need to lose weight... is there any diet pills that help me loose all the fat? i dont know any of them... please give me advice.. thanks a lot
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I wouldn't take any pills to help you lose weight.  I think diet and exercise is the key.  When I want to drop a couple of pounds quickly I eat breakfast and lunch and either skip dinner or have something small (raw veggies) around 4-4:30 and do not eat anything the rest of the night. Good luck!
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I would advise you not to try and find a quick fix for 30 to 40 pounds. It really is not healthy and you are very unlikely to keep weight off if you lose more than 1-2 pounds per week, so you should know that the process will take awhile.

Stay away from pills. Observe how many calories you normally consume in a day and then try making a cut but nothing too drastic. Start some kind of fitness activity even if it is only walking 30 mins per day.

It may sound hard but it really isn't.
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As the other posters stated, there isnt a "miracle pill" out there.  Losing weight is hard work.  If it were as easy as taking a pill, I dont believe anyone would have an obesity problem.

What works best for me is to limit my carb intake (potatoes, bread, pastas) and an exercise regimen.  Walking is a good form.  Another good pointer is to exercise right before meals.  Walk for 30 minutes, then come in and make supper.  When you exercise, it kick starts your metabolism and it burns off the food/calories from the meal you are about to eat faster than if you ate and THEN exercised.

Also, 5' 6" and 160 ... losing 40 pounds would be too much.  if you want to shoot for a goal at 5'6", take yourself down to like 140.  
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Anzie --

Have you looked into weight watchers? It's a really healthy way to loose weight & it works! Look for meetings in the area - if it's too much $$, just go to the first 3 or 4 weigh-ins/meetings, get the feel for the whole thing, get the books & info & do it on your own. If you have a friend or family member to help you along, that is really great, but doing it on your own, if you really want to loose the weight, will work.

There is no magic pill to make you loose weight. There is no easy quick fix - you need to put some effort into this, and you have to really want to loose the weight & stick with it. Alot of people jsut want to be lazy, take a pill, and wait for the extra pounds to fall off - that is never going to happen. Sorry to let you know. Obviously excersizing will also be key. If you can, walk more than normal. Work out in your living room, or if you can, join a gym.

Good luck
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I agree with AMA.  I've heard & seen friends have alot of success on WeightWatchers.  They teach you about diet & how to balance your food.  I think it's something you should look in to.  
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hi, i have lost 13 pounds in the past 6 weeks. i am doing the slim fast for breakfast thing (or oatmeal). i never ate breakfast before. i would get so hungry by lunch that i would end up eating waaaay too much and the wrong kind of stuff. i also try to eat a piece of fruit or raw almonds, or some low fat granola as a morning snack if i had breakfast very early. for lunch i occationally have another slimfast, but they tell you to add some cals to it. so maybe half a sandwhich or salad. for dinner i eat more chicken and veggies. maybe brown rice, or quinoi (its a barley i get from trader joes). i dont eat after 6 or 7. i drink lots of water and quit my sodas for the most part. i was walking and running but i hurt my knee. i also take vitamins, prenatals and dissolvable B12. alcohol is very limited also.  BUT if i want a piece of chocolate or i really must have that burger due to pms, i have it. one day a week (usually saterday) i have a free day. you have to introduce some fats to your diet occationally so your body doesnt get used to how your eating and plataeu (sp)> anyway im 35 and it was very hard to get motivated but the weight is just falling off now!! it took a month to get used to eating less (was hungry at night and it sucked) but im ok now. i also if having steak or something cut half and put small portion on my plate before i sit down so i eat less. you can do it!!! just dont deny yourself some junk occationally or you will lose it.
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