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please read all of my lower abdominal symptoms and possible causes. any advice would be very helpful

I made the topic pregnancy, but I think it's unlikely.

I've had cramping in my lower abdom/ pelvic region for the past week.

a week ago is also around the time I should have started ovulation. Ive never experienced ovulation pain before, and I'm 21.

a week before that I was fooling around with my boyfriend and although there was no insertion, there might have been pre *** while naked humping. this is the only possible way sperm MAY have been around my area, and I know it's very rare, but also possible that sperm can swim without insertion and pre *** contains a small amount.

a week before that I was suffering from gas and constipation.

about a month or 2 months ago I switched to a vegetarian/ organic diet.

the pain started on the right side inside my hipbone, pretty dull.  it's been switching sides now, and currently its the strongest its been on the left side a little lower, almost on my bikini line. still not extremely painful just annoying at this point.  I've had no spot bleeding, no change in discharge or increased urination, and no nausea or vomiting.  however, i've felt more gassy, and i've had head congestion with a cough for a little more than a week (a couple days before the lower abdominal pain started)

it's very possible that my pains are psychological since they seem to get worse or noticeable at night. when I am thinking/ worrying most. I'm actually embarrassingly really terrified of being pregnant from that little stint, maybe even  obsessively paranoid of getting pregnant all together.  it wasn't until I looked up a strange cold symptom i had- increased salivation, that brought up a bunch of things about pregnancy and made me think of what possibly could have happened  to "make me pregnant" that one fateful night. the pains started the next day.

please, I'm freaking myself out more and more every day. ive researched everything, but need some helpful answers for all of these things as one. I've never had a huge health problem, and like to avoid unnecessary doctor visits.  

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