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pls help!! rashes down there!!!

hey! i have rashes all around my vagina and under my butt. i have not had sexual contact with anyone yet. The skin near the rashes feels dry and red. when i touch the skin it feels tender and  pains a lot . this pain is under my butt but not exactly under my butt a little bit inside towards my vagina. and near my vagina near the bikini zone and where the thigh meets near that fold is very itchy. the itching is so bad that i can't bear it. imn't able 2 wear my underwear also but i have 2 wear!  pls can some one help me??? it would be a pleasure if u would help!
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Hi blossom,

Definitely you should make an appointment with the family doctor.
Your gp may give you a referral to a gynecologist or a dermatologist
as this is a skin issue. Good luck. Eve :)
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My advice would be go see a doctor, better to be safe then sorri. Good luck
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Thx guys 4 advicin!! but actually i can't go 2 a doc currently so  if der r any methods 2 kinda relieve d pain den i wud b thankful!!! :)
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If not the doc the the G.U.M. clinic as its for down there
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yea i shud go 2 d doc! thx anyways!! :)
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