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possible pregnancy, clove oil and bleeding


I am a woman who has never (to my knowledge) been pregnant, and am considered a DES Child. I have never had
symptoms of cervical cancer but it has been a while since I have had a checkup (I will be 46 this year) ..I only mention the cervical cancer because I read that it it can cause bleeding.   I  have never had a period that was extremely late and usually have per lasting from 3-5 days the last couple days usually being a brownish discharge as it begins to taper off.  

Per Due Dec 3rd  started on the 1st -ended on the 5th- normal
It showed up a day early ( not unusual the past several months - before that it was every 26 days like clockwork)  I smoke clove cigarrettes but this has never interfered with cycles to my knowledge - I mention it because I read after the following incident :(   that clove can cause bleeding and/or stimulate the uterus and what follows did involve a change to some degree in this habit  so...

December 25th (2 days early) I began a  normal cycle ...it started at a normal time and lasted the 5 days ending in the usual manner.  I had relations on day 6 or 7; the next day discovered fresh bleeding - the days immediately following this I had crampy feelings as if I were getting a period though  I had just had one....I considered the slight possibility that I could be pregnant and that this could be an implantation thing, or early signs, and decided to wait to see if I got my next cycle.  

On January 12 I bought a few packs of clove cigarrettes and regular ones - I smoked the clove ones from the 12th thru the 16th and then began to smoke my regular cigarettes - unflavored tobacco

My next cycle was due January 19 -I have never been this late in my life!   I did not get my period on the 19th and continued to have what felt like menstrual cramping from a day or two after my last period until 10 days after my next one was due[ December 31-forward to the present date of January 29] I took a preg test around the time my per was due but it was negative ( I thought perhaps I took the test too soon and hormones not high enough or did the test wrong)

Last night I went and got more clove cigarrettes and smoked my first one in 13 days....I ended up bleeding.  It started like spotting but this morning it was more like the beginning of my normal flow. Only time will tell if it will last as long as a normal one or not but as I said it is 10 days late and I have been going thru this unusual cramping with no bleeding from Dec 31st to now Jan 29th (right after the clove cig)

I tell you all of this because it has me confused, concerned and upset.  I have been wanting to get pregnant for the past 20 years (and have reason to believe it is possible tho very difficult for me to get preg) and the only positive test I ever had turned out to be from a batch of tests that was overly sensitive to hormones.

I have never ever missed a period or had one that was more than a few days late, so I was pretty positive I must be especially with the crampy feelings and that little bit of bleeding after my per.  I have also never had crampy feelings that came after a period and lasted a whole month like this...

I honestly don't know what to think!  I am hoping that a gyn can at least give me their thoughts on this before I can go see mine.  Is it possible I could have gotten preg and lost it?  Is it possible I could be preg and have not lost it but have caused some bleeding from the clove?

In addition to the questions whether this is a possible pregnancy and the cloves could be affecting whether I bleed or miscarry or w/e....   I have to wonder if clove cigarettes could be the reason I have not had children!  other than the fact that I have the "predisposition" to a rare form of uterine cancer and a shallow cervix I have not had any real problems from the DES.  what I am wondering is since the clove cigarrettes which contain clove oil (enough that it actually flavors them) and since clove oil is known to be a uterine stimulant..is it possible that it could have prevented me from getting pregnant in the past?  I have smoked them since at least a year or so from the time I first got married with maybe only a 2 year period of time where I did not smoke them regularly.  

Thanks so much for any help and thoughts on this from a professional's perspective  

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