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post myomectomy surgery

I had a myomectomy surgery 3 months ago for a uterine fibroid tumor.
Two month before surgery I was on Lupron to stop the menstruation. I understood that Lupron stops menstruation for 3 months.
But I still haven't got my period yet since.
What is going on with me? What should I do?
Please help me. Thank you for any advise and help.

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OH MY GOD........

I am going to have the exact same thing, and I am just so glad you brought up the issue....
I have a big fibroid tumor in my uterus as well and the doc put me on lupron for 2 months first and then will have the surgery (lap/histeroscopy).
Does it stop your period?????????? I didn't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man....just what i need......
How did you pay for the Lupron? was it covered by your insurance???? it's like $800 a pop isn't it??? i need two!!! i can't afford it!!!!
Well, i gues im not much help, but I am very thankful to you because you were help for me..........and sorry about all the questions!! ;)

Have you asked your OB to give you something to bring your AF???? i think there's something you can take for that purpose......

I hope someone answers your questions.....

Good luck to you and best wishes!!!
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I also have fibroids and I'm getting a myomectomy surgery date 4/2. I never recvd that medication to stop my periods.Can you tell me why it was given to you in the first place. I have irregular periods maybe that's why it wasen't given to me???? But, I read what vsentz said. Is it true it cost $800 for Lupron meds???? WOW! That's outragious!!!  
Sorry Mrs.Doyle I wasen't to much of a help... How are you feeling after surgery? Can you explained a little bit what to expect after surgery and how is your wound care??? Thank you. GET WELL SOON  :o)
To: vsentz, I don't know if I got your email right. I send you an email today. I coud give you mine if you like. BINIE3 THEN YAHOO JUST AD AT AND PUNCTUATION MARK & COM
I go for my PRE-OP tom.  I hope I'm not sick. My body ache's a lot. I might be getting my period soon....

Please girls keep me posted on how you are Both doing..... >^..^<

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hey girl....i responded to your most recent post above.......i think the lupron is being used on me to shrink the fibroid before operating it.....not just to stop my period.......altho i didn't know that was a side effect????......

Either way, i hope you don't need it girl, boy is it ever expensive!!! my insurance doesn't cover it....=(

Good luck to ya!!

oh, and i got your email....did you get mine yet?
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Hello Queenie4 and Vsent:
I had a huge fibroid ( size of a cantaloupe). I suffered with symptoms such as:
- heavy menstruation bleeding
- anemia
- frequent needs to go to the bathroom because of pressure in my bladder
- pelvic pain
- bloating and pressure in my stomach
- look 5 months pregnant
- pain during intercourse
- lack of energy for doing any activities

I have been given Lupron to stop the hormon in my body, because hormon is feeding the tumor to grow, so the tumor will shrink a little bit and make the surgery easier.
My surgery went fine, I did not have any infections or complications.
I woke up from operation room and felt just fine, I was too happy that it was over and my years suffering has gone away. It was not too painful because they gave me pain killer in the hopistal which you can push the button anytime you need it as many time you want it.
I stayed 2 days in the hospital.
After I went home, I needed my husband to be around to help me getting up and laying down the bed for the first week.
One week after surgery, the stiches were removed.
Second week I could get up from bed by myself, I didnt need my husband anymore, and I can serve my own meal.
I couldn't bend for two month, so please have somebody to help you getting something for you.
You will sleep on your back which you will get use to it, don't worry.
I had to stay home for 6 weeks before going back to work.
On the way back to home from hospital, make sure the driver will drive very slow and smooth, believe me this is the hardest part of all. Avoid any bumpy roads and pot holes. If I remember this, I really want to slap my husband of not being really slow, but he said he was driving very carefully.
Important thing I need to tell you, it took me a week to go the bathroom (bowel movement), I heard that is because of the pain killer medication they gave me which was PERCOCET caused constipation.
So I took Dulcolax suppository (the one you insert in your anal). I took that as my last options after taking other 'bowel softener' for 3 days and did not work.
My suggestion is to be patience to face this situation, healing need time you cannot rush it. Have lots of book to read, watch TV, talk to friends and fanmily on the phone or having them come over is a great thing, because that is the healing process.
A merry heart is good medicine
I hope I am being helpful and If you want to contact me, please email me at ***@****
I'll be happy to share my experience and to support you in any ways you need.
Thank you for your reply.
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Sorry I forgot to answer your question.
My insurance covered the Lupron, but I had to pay $40.
I had one shot, and my period stopped until now.
I went to my doctor and he gave me hormon pills to bring back my period, I'm praying that it will work effectively.
Thanks you for your reply.
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Thank you for your very very helpful information!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad you are out of it and done with it!! are you feeling any better??
How long ago was your surgery? and how long ago was your last Lupron shot?
I've heard that the lupron stops your AF for months!!!! aughhh!!! that's the last thing i need =(!

Are you planning to TTC here soon??? did you have a laparoscopy or laparotomy..??? i will have the little one.....laparoscopy (only 2 or 3 small insicions...).

Thank you girl!! =))
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I had multiple myomectomy on 3/28/07. Spent 3 days in the hospital, the 1st day was on a morphine drip, and on a catheter.

after you get released, i suggest taking the colate lax my doc prescribed,  you can buy it over the counter, i had a bowel movement on day  after surgery and no pain.

the pain was in the hospital trying to get the air to pass before they release you. but they gave me perocet every 4 hours so I wasn't in pain.

you need help when you get out of the hospital. trust me... I'm only on day 6!

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I am glad that I found your posts. I am scheduled to have a Hysteroscopy(through cervix) and Laparoscopy(through belly button) to remove fibroids on May 21st. I have several fibroids that are not that large, but there are so many that it is a problem.  

The doctor told me to take birth control pills the start of my period and a week later I am to get a Lupron shot. A month after the Lupron shot is my surgery. (my insurance covered the Lupron except for $20 I paid) The doctor said the Lupron will shrink my fibroids making it easier to remove and possibly get more of the fibroids out.  He said I may need two surgeries because he wants to protect my uterus and not "burn" it. I am not sure about it, but he has  experience and seems to be knowledgeable. I'm hoping for the best, but I am worried. I am concerned about the Lupron because I read that it has so many horrible side-effects.  

Also, I read that Lupron can make some woman go into pre-menopause early!! I hope that is not happening to any of us!  I wonder if that is why my doctor is keeping me on the pill? Also, he is giving me one dose of Lupron before surgery.

Those of you who took Lupron, how long did you take it? DId you experience any other side effect besides no period? When did you get your period again?

Thank you I hope you answer me I am pretty much doing this on my own.

Best wishes to everyone.
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Wow.. this is still alive.

I am only 4 days post abdominal myomectomy.  Twelve fibroids were removed, the largest about 17 cm, removed from the posterior uterus.  The rest were 9 cm and less.  I spent 3 days in the hospital.  The treatment in the hospital seems standard.  Morphine pump first 24 hrs.  Then Percocet as needed.  IV drip for the duration of the stay.  I rarely take the prescribed pain medication.  Most of the discomfort I have is from the bowel gas and bloating.  I had my first bowel movement yesterday, and am anxious for the next, lol.  My bleeding was spotty while in the hospital, but since Sunday afternoon I've been bleeding like I'm having my period.  

My Dr did not put me on Lupron, thankfully, as she felt it was not necessary in my case.  A friend took Lupron when she had her surgery a few years ago, and I remember it caused her a bit of hair loss.  That was her only side effect.  Her menstral cycle returned to normal after a couple months.  

I live alone, and even though my friends are here to help me, I've already mastered getting in and out of bed by myself (and the few other necessary things) with minimal discomfort.  They won't always be here so I had to learn fast :-)

All the best to you all.  And here's to healing.. soon.

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Thanks for responding. I didn't notice how old the other posts are until now!

Wow, your fibroids were pretty big. It must of caused you a lot of discomfort.  So far the largest fibroid they could see in me was 3cm, but I have multiple ones (mostly submucousal and some intramural).  My endometrium is mostly obscured by them! It bothers me every time I think of it.  

Are you or do you have children? If so have the fibroids effected that?  Do you feel much better now after surgery, I know it's still early for you. I hope the fibroids are gone for good!

I'm nervous about the Lupron, it has so many horrible possible side effects. At least I will only have one shot.  Hopefully I won't get hair loss since I had some of that due to being anemic, but I am a pretty sensitive person so I hope I don't get emotional on this drug! I'm actually thinking of taking time off from work while the first or second week, which is when side effects are supposed to be higher.

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Hi.  Oh yeah, my fibroids were quite big.  I felt full.. 24/7.  And sometimes I would have pain shooting down my left leg.  All were subserosal and intramural.  My endometrium was always easily imaged via ultrasound.  Because of location, my peroid was pretty normal.. surprizingly.  My fibroids affected my bladder, which landed me in the emergency room on two occasions.. where I had to be catherized.  There is no risk to my kidneys anymore :-)  

I've never had children.  But I'm certain, with the size of my fibroids.. it would not have been possible.  According to my Dr, I had an 18 wk size uterus.

I'm 8 days post op now.  I had the staples removed on Wed.  I feel sooooo much better already.  The fullness is gone, no more pain down my leg, my ankles are no longer swollen, and I urinate like a normal person now, lol.  

Try not to be overly concerned about Lupron.  Most people tolerate it very well, with minimal side effects.  All the best.
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Hello I am 26, no kids, and I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids and my doctor did tell me that the fibroids are blocking my tubes. However, they aren't causing me any problems as far as heavy periods or pain. My doctor advised me not to wait one or two years as far as having the surgery later. I have never had surgery, I am so afraid. I am about to schedule an abdominal myomectomy in November. can anyone recommend someone in Chicago? or any advice would be helpful
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Hi Jackie,
I had the myomectomy last February by a doctor in NYC.  He did a great job.  Like yours mine was also blocking my tubes but I was in severe pain.  The best advice I can give you is do your research as much as possible before having the surgery.  And if you do decided to have the surgery make sure you don't sign the consent form to have a hysterectomy.  Often times this form is in the overall consent forms that you must sign before the surgery.  The doctor will explain it as if it's a just incase you need it scenario but in reality if you case is sever and he decides that it will take 6 plus hours to remove the fibroid the doctor can in-fact give you a hysterectomy.  It's important that you make it clear in the beginning I do not want it.   My doctor signed a document stating that he would not give me one and if he did I can take legal action.  Now do I expect yours to do that.... No but you should at least talk to your physician about it.  Also make sure you have some granny panties :-)

One website that I used for research is www.repmed.com  It had so much information regarding the surgery including pictures.  
Best of luck and I hope it all turns out well for you.
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I have found the place that I wanted to find, finally!  I've been on here for a few weeks looking for fibroid postings and finally I found it. Anyways, I have read some of your postings and they are so helpful because I see myself in those. I also have a fibroid and I am in the process of scheduling surgery to have it removed via a myomectomy. I am very nervous about it but from what my doctor has said to me, that is changing the shape of my uterus and my very long periods that he recommends it. I also had a miscarriage 4 months ago and it might have been the cause, but they can’t say for sure, I'm so happy I found this and so glad that I’m not the only one with this problem. Good luck to you all
Hopeful K
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Hi Everyone,
I have been on several posts looking for information regarding abdominal myomectomy and how women were dealing or dealt with their situation. From reading the posts, I can relate to all of you. I am day 33 post op (had surgery Set 15, 09) and I can tell you all that it is an individual experience. I read blogs both prior to and after surgery, so I can say with all certainty that EVERYTHING depends on you as an individual and how tolerant your body is.
I too had to do the Lupron injections prior to surgery (2) and the symptoms that are indicated do occur. I had the hot flashes, the hair loss and also the nausea, but all were relatively mild. The Lupron side effects actually didn't affect me until about the third week after the forst shot, so don't think you are in the clear if you tolerate it after the first week.
I had 35 fibroids in total removed....my doc said it was like a farm! I had threee that were affecting ny uterus and made me look like I had a 14-15 week pregnancy. I am a very slender person, so this bothered me quite a bit. The largest which was pressing into my uterus and bladder was about the size of a plum and the other two inside my uterus were the size of cherries - these were the problematic ones, all the others were small.
I spent two nights in the hospital and did everything my doc told me to ensure a smooth recovery. There were painful days the first week out of the hospital and I prayed for the fourth week to arrive as most posts said this is when you feel a lot better. My doc put me on both estrogen and iron for the first 30 days after I left the hospital and progestrin on day 20. He explained that the estrogen will help with the proper healing and minimal if any scarring of the tissue in my uterus. The progestrin is to restart my menstrual cycle which is expected in to start next week. I go back to work on Oct 28th and am not sure how well I will be able to get back into the routine.
The recovery time is really more like 3 months for the internal healing as I have read on several sites and in speaking to my sister who has had 2 c-sections. The abdominal myomectomy is a similar incision, so the recovery time and process is relatively the same.
I encourage anyone considering the surgery to read alot about it, but remember that everyone will have their own experiences. The way that I dealt with taking all the different medications and side effects was to put myslef on a schedule and take it SLOW!
I wish you all good luck and will let you know how I am progressing.
Oh and one more thing, I was told that I cannot wear heels for at least another couple of weeks, so it is back to work in flats:(
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I am considering having the surgery to improve my chances of fertility.  I am 35, 4 miscarriages, now 2 years of infertility.  Can anyone tell me how much this surgery costs?  My insurance will pay, 80% after meeting the deductible.  I know how much my doctor charges, and I need to know how much the hospital, anesthesiologist, hospital stay costs to help me making this decision, which is entirely optional surgery for me.
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I recently had a miscarriage due to my fibroids, I have several large and small fibroids inside the cavity as well the uterine wall. I found  a doctor that specializes in Myomectomy and saw her performing the procedure. It helped a lot, especially for my husband. He has a much better understanding of the gravity of all of this. If you want to see the procedure you can go to Long Island College Hospital website, I think it may be there under Dr. Comrie. I am not sure if I can add links to this site and don't want to violate any protocols. You can also shoot me a note and I will forward to you the link. I am not pushing anyone to use this doctor, it was just helpf for me to see the procedure.
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Thanks recommending that website, I found it very helpful. I will be having my myomectomy surgery next month to have the fibroid that I have removed. I also suffered a miscarriage about 4 months ago at 14 weeks, They never told me the reason but some doctors told me that it may have been the fibroid, I think it was, there was nothing else wrong with me. Anyhow, Good luck to you and thanks again
Hopeful K
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I am compelled to write this because of the ideas, experiences and advice of those suffering from fibroids that I got from different websites. They were helpful.
I got a miscarriage at 14 wks 4 months ago. I knew about it before i got preg. My Gyn said there was no need for surgery since the fibroid was outside the uterus with one large intermural on the left side-6cm before preg. and 8cm growth during pregnancy. During the operation several other fibroids were found growing next to one that was outside my left uterus and they were not seen at all during these more than 100 times of ultra sound.
I spent 3 days in the hospital. On day 1 of surgery there was little bleeding then on night of day 2, I started bleeding heavily. The nurses could not believe what I was telling them. When another shift came in, I insisted I was bleeding to much and I had a abnormally swollen stomach. A  Dr was called to examine and she immediately prescribed a medicine to stop the bleeding and I took 4 of them taking 1 tablet after every 6hrs. The bleeding stoped after 4 days with only pink discharge once in a while
I am 5 day post myomectomy and my recovery is great day by day.
I didnt want surgery, but after a long time research, it was going to be a waste of time to try to shrink fibroid of that size either naturally or by medicine.
I use to have pain and pressure on my left leg and now its all gone.
No pain killer from the day I was discharge. I have learnt trick of lying and getting out of the bed without feeling pain. I rest and wake up when I really need and I dont lift anything more than 2kg as a precaution.

I am happy I made that decision, I know it takes time to accept but once you are done with the surgery, you will be happy with the decisions you made

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I have one large fibroid. The size of a grapefruit.The fibroid is blocking both of my tubes. I am scheduled to have an abdominal myomectomy of Friday Nov 20,2009. I have been trying to find recent post about this. Thank god i found this site. It seems like everybody is different.The only symptoms i have is a pregnant size belly.I dont have normal bowel movements.But my periods are normal.My dr says there is no way i will become pregnant with this fibroid.Thank you  and good luck to all.
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Looks like we are the recent ones on here...Nov, 2009
Just turned 39 years old a couple weeks ago, never been pregnant, would like to be, if I can...
You just went in for yours 2 days ago, prob still in hospital.  I'm recovering from my myomectomy Oct 14th 2009.  So much better now with mobility and pain.  I lost too much blood when they did mine so I've been easily tired with no energy or strength, takes time and VERY day by day but you get there.  3x iron pills a day, lots of iron filled food with fiber fiber fiber!  I had 2 baseball size tumors removed and a couple smaller ones.  The Docs discovered when they opened me (c-section type) that I also have endometriosus as well as a bicornus uterus (a heart-shape split at the top of uterus, actually looks like a heart).  Turns out bicornus uterus is a birth defect that I never knew I had.  I just had my first period and it was very painful due to the inner suges constricting with the cramps. I'm starting back on birth control pills to control the endometriousus if that was also the pain.  Feel fine now.  my hemoglobin is back up so I have more energy.  I still have a very swollen abdomen that is still quite numb, that bothers me...my 6 week follow up Doc's apt is this Thurs, can't wait for the news.  Oh btw, my "seam" as I call it looks great, very neat and clean with no infections.  I'm sure it will look fine.  I'm first healing from the fibroid removal then I will deal with the MRI and an HSG (I think thats what its called?)  to look into my situation including my chances of fertility.  Those tests will have clear pictures since the ultra-sounds didn't pick up on the rest of my smaller fibroids (still in there) or the rest.
My fibroids turned out to be a small blessing finding out about my insides so that I can take the best approach to possible pregnancy.
All the best to you and your surgery.  The healing is looooonnngg and boring but have friends, family visit a lot, read, nap a lot and try to be happy cuz I think you heal better that way. God bless!
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Hi  intertube,
Thanx for responding. I came home yesterday afternoon .I could not take it in the hospital.Everyone there was so nice,but i needed to be home in my own bed.I already have an 8 yr old son. I am planning on having another. The myomectomy was my only option.I havent had an appetite for anything yet. I cant sleep. My back is killing me. I actually 10 minutes ago put some icy hot on It made me feel alot better.My son has been my lil helper. lol.I really wanted to come home because they would not let him in the hospital.I am 30 yrs old. I never had to pee so many times in my life.I hate getting up. My stomach is so swollen.I pray everything goes well with your appt on Thursday.I have an appt next monday to have the stitches taken out. The dr said everything went
fine.How long did it take you to have a bowel movement? I havent eaten anything since Thursday. I"ve had plenty of gas. lol Im taking percocets which makes me feel a lil better.
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I had my abdominal Myomectomy on 15 Sep 09. So I am about 10 weeks post op right now. I dont' have any incision pain but I do get shooting pain through my inner left thigh and hip pain mostly when I'm sleeping. Has anyone experienced anything like this? The leg pain is the worst, but usually again only comes at night.
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Nice to be home!  To answer your question it took me a week, yes 7 days before I had a bowel movement.  I basically came home and took stool softeners and fiber, don't over do it cuz once the ball started rolling i ended up with diareah which is the last thing you want.  After a day of discomfort i always ate lots of fiber and been fine ever since.
Nice to have the staples out, isn't it?  I had to eat something 3 times a day cuz I had to take iron 3x with food.  Food may not be that interesting for a while but just eat light cuz your body needs strength to heal.  Walk around once a day to keep blood clots away.  DON"T PICK ANYTHING UP without thinking about how much it weighs, really, its surprising how heavy small, everyday objects can be.
My follow up was great, I went from my blood being low at 71 up to a 122 hemoglobin already which is really good.  I was 138 before surgery and nurse said that was perfect.  Stitches healing well.  Still look swollen, but less, still have numb, well no feeling abdomen area from under bellybutton to the scar in a small triangle.  Praying that my nerve cells regenerate, go nerves go!
Try to remember to enjoy this as time off for yourself and your family.  I have a busy lifestyle normally so it was hard to lay around so much.  So I'd do it with a face mask on one day, deep condition my hair another and had fun doing my nails.  Rest and enjoy!
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