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pregnacy before depo-prevera

my name is jessica and i was pregnant without knowing. a few weeks after pregnancy i got a depo-prevera shot for birth control and menstral problems. I had a miscarriage not too long after i had the shot and i would love to know if the depo-prevera could have had anything to do with the miscarriage????Please help!!!!
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I've worked in a gyn office and a pregnancy test was given at the time of the visit before the shot was given. EVERYTIME!! Why weren't you tested first? Especially if there was a chance you could be pregnant and obviously there was. This makes no sense to me.
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Could be it had something to do with your loss, or maybe not.  You'll never know for sure, unfortunately.  No one can tell you positively, even if you hear the same story from someone else.   I've known women who unknowingly took it before pregnancy was diagnosed without problems, and some who miscarried.  

Wish I could be of more help.
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I agree with the previous comment. The depo-provera prevents pregnancy so it would definately would have aided the m/c, if not caused it. I do not know why you did not get a pregnancy test before.Use protection if you do not want to get pregnant.I hope all is well and just be careful next time.
Best of luck

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When I started the Depo-Provera shot, the first shot was given on the first day of my period and they also did a pregnancy test before giving me the shot.  I do not understand why a pregnancy test was not given first off.
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i had that happen and had a autopsie done.....DEPO killed my babies!!!! depo cause m/c....even up to 12-18 mos after stopping the shot. i have had 4 depo related m/c's and they r confirmed by the docs. STAY AWAY FROM DEPO!!!!! i am so sorry for what you went though....please take care of your self. here is my group and web site to reach me.



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I was not given a test before I was put on it
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