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pregnancy weight gain.

If someone was unsure about pregnancy, and weight gain is a common sign for pregnant women, about how early does the weight gain start? Weight gain meaning some noticeable kinds..like pants not fitting, seeing it the mirror, etc...?

Also, what happens if you take a pregnancy test but you get no result. Literally. Like nothing comes on the result screen even if you took one or two tests?
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Do not hear all of what people tells you. I think ypu are very young. Pregnancy does not make you gain weight in the begining until like the third or fourth month, and some people even loose weigth in the first months.
You should go to a doctor to do a test, if you do not want to go to a doctor, then try another brand different than the ones you already had done, to do the test, and if you are pregnant please go to a doctor to give you your vitamins, you need folic acid to have a healthy baby. But do not be afraid to ask, if you do or do not want to be pregnant, you have to be brave and act, think that you are responsible for your actions, so now, be strong and do the test, as a responsible person, and do not wait more time. I do not think you are pregnant, sometimes being affraid thinking that you may be pregnant may stop your period. Hope for you the best.
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Thank you, I appreciate it. You are right, I am young, and I am trying to be responsible too. The tests I used were different kinds and it was strange that they both didn't work. I was wondering, though, if maybe I wasnt pregnant.I've heard that a woman has a fertility period 14 days before her period that lasts between 3 - 10 days in which she can get pregnant easier (or maybe even the only time to get pregnant). I want to know if this is true because had sex nine days before my period, it wasn't unprotected and the condom didn't break, but there was a moment before sex when he had entered and was unprotected. It didn't last long, and I quickly told him to put on a condom, but I am aware that precum can still cause a pregnancy. If he was only inside me for a minute or two, considering the time related to my period, is it possible?
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**Correction: I use the word period for the sake of the conversation to describe the small strange thing that I got for three days when I was suppossed to get my normal period.**
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I would say that based on your cicumstances (momentary penetration before ejaculation) that the chances of pregnancy is very low (precum DOES contain sperm but not a lot) BUT it is still a possibility.  Most women ovulate (most fertile) during the middle of their cycle but everyone is different.  Some people are not aware that it is possible to conceive ANYTIME you have unprotected sex (whether it be a day before your period, on the last day of your period, or 2 weeks into your cycle).

When you say the test isnt working, do you mean you are getting a negative result or nothing is showing up at all (you should always see something in the control window).  If the test isnt working, this generally means you are doing something wrong or the test is faulty - this it has happened to you twice w/ 2 different tests I suspect you are doing something wrong.  Be sure to follow the exact instructions.  You may not be peeing for long enough on the test strip, may be inverting the test, taking too long to read the results etc.etc.  Be sure to use first morning urine for the most accurate results.
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