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i am two months pregnant and i've taken quite a few pregnancy tests which states neg results. i have some of the symptoms of pregnancy but not the obvious ones like swollen breast or morning sickness. has anyone had this same thing happen to them to find out they were truly pregnant? any help would be great!!!
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i guess i dont understand.how can you be 2 months pregnant and still have negative hpt's? has a dr confirmed your pregnancy?
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but you're pregnant right? (congrats)
i had 6 negatives before i got a positive.
sometimes the tests are no good, soemtimes your body has yet to build up enough HCG for the test to detect it.
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The thing to do is to go to the doctor and have a blood pregnancy test.  That way you won't waste any more $$ on pregnancy tests and youll know for sure.
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By two months it should register on a hpt.How do you know you are pregnant then??? Did you go to the doctors and
confirm it ??
THE only true way to tell is from a hpt or a doctors confirmation
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I was wondering the same thing.  How do you know you are 2 months pregnant?  If you have had this confirmed by your DR through blood work and/or ultrasound, then why are you still using HPTs?  Also, I would think that if you really are 2 months along then an HPT would pick it up by now.
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Congrats on your pregnancy.
Not everybody gets the symptoms of pregnancy. Shoot I'm almost 4 months and all I have now is gas. :o\
If you are 2 months pregnant, then be happy no morning sickness. I didnt get it either, but food grosed me out.
Breast tenderness and swelling comes and goes. My boobs doubled in the early days, now back to the same ol same ol, and dont hurt hardly any. But from what I've heard, watch out for the later months... they'll enlarge bigtime! :-)
I have the same question as the other ladies.... Has a doctor confirmed your pregnancy? If so, why do you waist money on HPTs? If not, then how do you know your 2 months? Late period?
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