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pregnant and wondering somethin

well im 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant today and i am so exstatic!! but i go jan 3 for my next ultrasound and im not good at math i dont know how far along i will be then but i want to know will i be able to see the baby clear on the ultrasound?
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i think you will be 11 weeks 1 day
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thanks im a blonde for real lol !! im corny lol thanks alot hun
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your welcome I am not a blonde but i sure felt like one when i was pregnant Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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thanks hun you have a good night
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Use this calculator.  I used it often thru my pregnancy to see how far along I was:

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Each week has 7 days, so use that to help you in your calculations.  

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GO TO BABYCENTER.COM, like they suggested....you'll love it.  They even send you an email every week to update you on what week you are in and what fetal development is taking place during that time.
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I just look at the calendar and each week it goes up a week, if you know the day you start the next week, it's pretty easy, then you can tell when you look atthe calendar.  Anyway, by 11 weeks you should see a minature baby moving around, I know my Dr. doesn't usually do an u/s until at least that point, unless there is a problem.  Good luck!
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I'm glad some light has finally been shed on these intensely difficult feats of mathematic calculations.  

I've always wondered about that whole week/7days thing.  Thanks!
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lol thanks to you all merry x-mas
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