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pregnant first time mother

i know the things that go along with a child and i have been taking care of children all my life and at the tender age of six i was taking care of my 4-5 year old little sis and not the mention my 7 year old sis... i know that having a baby comes with alot of responsibility... i know that i could be a good mother i am preparing early im eating right and doing what it takes to make sure my child is raised in a proper way... i know that its not about me anymore its all about my child... and yes i have chose my names
i may be young but i can provide for my child.. and its a big change for me but my fiance is a great father to his four year old son.. and i believe hes a great father... and hes excited....well im also getting prepared in way.. by taking couseling and all the good things such as that...

. i also have a crib already and a stroller and everything of that sort...
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congrats! how old are you? (curiosity)
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im eighteen..
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i'll be nighteen when i give birth though
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nevermind.. I see below that you are 18.

Well, again Congrats. I was 19 when I was pregnant with my 1st. We have doen fine, but I'll be honest, there were some hard time, especially right after I turned 21 and wanted to go out and have fun, etc... But things have worked out fine and its been a few weeks short of 8 years now
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well i was planning already to get married next year... me and my fiance... but im scared and kinda of dont know what to expect as far as being pregnant and giving birth but my fiance is happy and excited i am too but im scared that i may do something wrong as a first time mother
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that is very normal. I thought I knew everything there was to having a baby.. I mean I had babysat my whole life and with wokraholic never home parents I was home with my younger brother most of the time from a very young age with no parents.

having my own baby was sooo different. No matter how many parenting classes you take (which I would definatly do.. you and your fiance even though he has a child already.. things do change in 4 years and you do get rusty in that area) it still is a day by day learning thing. Every baby is different too.

Good Luck, and just take it one day at a time
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thanks so much you are a big help.... i really appreciate that ooo so much.. you have a great turkey day...
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Congratulations! You sound like a wonderful person. I am sure you will be a GREAT mother. Keep us posted and have a happy and healthy 9 monthes.
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you guys are such a great help.. im glad i got on this site... thanks babylove thats very sweet..
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I definitely agree that you should attend a parenting class.  I was 29 when I had my daughter.  Even though I watched my nieces and nephews all of the time and am a teacher, I STILL didn't know what was in store for me.  Having your own baby changes everything.  And I was well over 21 and past the "I want to go out but can't stage."  Good luck to you.
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Congrats!  I take it the test came out positive?  I remember you were having a hard time earlier, as we all do.  Good to hear you are so excited, I agree, I was 26 when I had my first, just had my B-Day and had only been married a month when I got pregnant.  It was such a blessing, but it does change everything.  There are lots of great classes out there to help you prepare.  Make sure to get an appt. soon and start prenatal vitamins, good luck!
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Congratulations! When one becomes a mother your natural instincts take affect. At leasts thats what happened with me. I had my first baby at 23 but I had no babysitting experience at all. I never had to watch anyone and had no idea what to do. But when I had my baby it just came naturally. I never even held anyone's baby. So for me it was something different. But when I had that precious baby, there was nothing more important to me than taking care of him. Now I'm 33 and have 4 and still want to try for my fifth one. I would have had it if it wasnt for my miscarriage I had about 2 weeks ago. So good luck and enjoy every moment of taking care of your baby because there only a baby for a very short time.
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Did you actually take another hpt to confirm pg?  If not, I would do that before planning all of these things.
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congrats,I was 18 & now I have a healthy 12 yr.old boy & 7 dd..nanis
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