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premature women and pregnancy

I am at 25 year old women was born at 25 weeks premature in 1989 weighing 1 pound. {my mom said i was most likely a preemie because before me and my brother she had surgery suppose to be on ovaries and they messed up and did something else to uterus and she was told she never be able to carry full term} The only thing i had wrong with me was a heart murmur that went away and breathing issues in which my parents had to bring a machine home for awhile to help me breathe and learn CPR, i was hospitalized for almost 6 months. i also needed blood transfusions as infant. i was kinda slow at learning in elementary school but was fine all through high school and im fine now.

I want a baby in 3-4 years but terrified that because i was a preemie. I worry i may have AVM or something i don't know about. I do have ringing in ears..mainly when its quite and sometimes a whoosing but my doctor thinks its nothing neurological.

Can i ask for a MRI with contrast before pregnancy and antiphospholipid bloodwork to be sure no blood disorders before i try and concieve? i live in ontario, canada

If i rule out AVM or any other brain disorder, blood issues and my cholesterol and blood pressure stays fine through pregnancy and i got no other disease.  should i not have a stroke?

doctors think My mom had a mini stroke at age 45, my grandmother on my moms side had diabetes and two heart attacks..last one killed her. My dad had a two heart attacks in his 50's, survived both. all are smokers and obese. My sister had healthy no complications in her pregnancy.
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Thanks :)

But question: did you have a family history of Pre eclampsia or something? because that kind of scares me, i did read a study saying 20% preemie women will get complications during or after pregnancy.

Im soooo terrified i hate not knowing my outcome..i don't want to die during or after pregnancy. hope i don't get pre eclampsia or any complication, i will be stressed the whole pregnancy for sure. I was having break downs three years ago because i convinced myself i would die during wisdom teeth surgery because i had to be knocked out with general anesthesia, inconvinced myself i was not waking up.

I am seeing a therapist to see if i can get over extreme fear of pregnancy but i dunno...i know for sure i will need a MRI with contrast before i consider pregnancy..so doctor better give me one at least that will ease my mind alittle knowing i don't have brain malformations due to being born a microbaby in 80's.

ugh i feel sooo stressed and can't feel happy about the future ..hate it

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Hi there im desiree 24 yrs old with a 2.5 year old son. I was born premie also weighing 1lb.2oz. And i came out oregnant had a healthy baby only that i got preeclampsia when i was pregnant with him i conceived again 2months ago but unfortunitely lostthe baby at 6.5 weeks :(.... im currently wondering if im prego again since i havent had my period since july 14th and bn having symptoms. but anyway thats besides the point. What im trying to get at here is dont let ur prematurety from birth get u down or worried im proof you can still get prego fingers crossed good luck ****baby dust ****
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