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prengant or not? urgent replies

me and a friend of mine were having a bit of moment that we got really high. we are not committed. he has fingered me a couple of times before too like way inside. i have never been penetrated with a penis ever. this time he was rubbing his penis over my vagina superficially and suddenly moved away. he did not get to know he was about to get done. within 1 minute i cleaned my private part with a tissue. he assured me that there were no sperms on my thing but i doubt that cox i was too wet so i cant make out if it was only me or his sperms were there too. could i be pregnant by this?

note that from 3 months i am having period problems since we started doing awl this and it was just this month that this incident happened. when i missed my period for the first time we took the pregnancy stick to check n it was negative. i had my period in july 17th thn missed august n had it on 7th of September fr 2 days only.then i had it on 9th of october for only a day n on 10th this incident happened. now i cant buy pregancy stick to confirm cox i had a fight with him.

please serious  and professional replies only.i am very worried. it is pregnancy or just my period problem? can i be pregnant from this?
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i cant go to a doctor even and i havent had proper food from 5 6 days cox of tension. i even lost 3 kg in 4 days cox of not eating
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i cant go to a doctor even and i havent had proper food from 5 6 days cox of tension. i even lost 3 kg in 4 days cox of not eating
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Hi there

It doesn't sound very likely that you are pregnant as apart from the fact that he didn't finish inside you it was only day 2 of your cycle and days 9 to 15 are generally your most fertile days.

You will probably find the missed period was caused by unneccesary worry last time.  As he only fingered you.   If you carry on stressing and not eating you will miss another period.  

How much do you weigh and how tall are you?

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i am very worried.my age is 23 and my weight is 45kg now. i am 5'4
if i get a pregnancy strip test...what will b the best time to do it? now or later? because ill only gather the guts to get it 1 time from a pharmacy
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If you are worried wait until you miss a period then take the test first thing in the morning.
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Hi there

You really shouldn't worry as you are so unlikely to be pregnant. You can take the test after your period is missed to put your mind at rest if you wish but make sure it is first morning wee..

From what you said about your weight height it appears that you are very underweight. You actually weigh 99lb which is barely 7 stone ideally you should be at least 8 and half stone (120lb)  so you need to try and gain 21lb in weight and you will find your periods probably start to regulate properly and you should start having a period around every 28 days. I think this is your main problem apart from worrying too much!!!

You need to see your doctor and get birth control pills which are usually free on prescription.  It seems as though it won't be long before you and your boyfriend are having regular sex so get this sorted as soon as you have done the test.

Putting on weight doesn't mean eating junk food either.

Just make sure you eat three proper meals a day and have lots of snacks inbetween when you get hungry.  If you don't eat properly and your periods stop altogether you can stop producing eggs each month and become infertile (unable to have children)

If you need any help with this please ask . it may take six months to get to 8 and half stone . There is a weight tracker on here you can use and I am sure if you try really hard and ask for help when you are struggling you will get there!!!

Good  luck!! xx
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