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if you take provera before your period is due, like lets say if your was due on the 25 and you started taking provera on the 24, would it affect it? or would you start anyway?
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provera is used to start your peroid, so why are u taking it if u have a regular cycle???
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Are you talking about the Depo-Provera injection  (contraceptive injection that can take periods off completly)?
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I have the same question. I was put on provera (to induce period) because the last three months my periods have only been 2-3 days and just spotting. I've always been regular..to the day and time of day usually. So my gyno put me on provera thinking that I'm not shedding my lining completely. I've been off of the pill for three days now and i was supposed to start my "normal" period yesterday and it didn't come. Did is not come because of the provera or is it something in need to call the dr about?
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Hi all i wana knw sum think in june2015  i took provera 10mg for 10 days after last pilli got my periods after 1 day of last pills but i didnot get my periods again in july2015 nd did test 3 tim first after 3 days missed my periods thn again after 10 days nd rupeet it again after 16days but all time negtive then i went to the dr he did ultrasound nd didnot find any thing inside of me thats mean i m not preg but i dnt knw wht i hv to do my dr said me to go for blood test for harmons nd felopian tubes i m to much scare wht will hapn i hv iregular cycle.i dnt knw wht wl gona happen.
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