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rectocel repair

Hi... Im 38, had rectocele repair 10 months ago. They used a pig skin graft. Surgery went very well. Two weeks post op all my bowel troubles set in. I am so constipated.  I can only go about once a week. I feel like I'm going to die... I turn white as a ghost, get a fever, stomach cramps, shake, sweat, sometimes throw up, have to use 4-6 enemas each time, and believe it or not I have sat in the bathroom 10 hours trying to "go." Usually I'm in there 1-3 hours "trying." Upon "arrival" it either looks cut in half (lengthwise) or is as skinny as a pencil, and is at least 2 or 3 foot long.  At this point I am so exhausted, I really feel like I have given birth to a fourth baby, I have pink to red colored discharge from vagina {YES, it is from there} and my insides ache for a good day or two {like the same pain post op}.
I have been to the ER once, they did a CT and gave me pain medicine, sent me home. They didn't even do a rectal exam ( not that I really wanted one) I have had a colonoscopy "everything looks good". How in the world can things "look good" when I swear I am dying trying to have a BM.
Lately I eat fiber pills like candy, drink fiber mixtures, take 5 stool softeners a day drink 3/4 of a gallon of water per day.
I think the problem is where the rectum and the colon meet. scared tissue? Colon tipped to far?  
If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them... Thank you
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When I had my rectocele my Urologist suggested I take stool softners during the six week healing process.  When I returned for my check up she told me I could continue the stool softners for as long as I wanted because it is not a laxative and would not adversely affect my health.  I would highly suggest you consult your doctor however taking a stool softner in the meantime should not cause you additional problems.  I wish you well.
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im very surprised your doc hasnt sent you  for further tests after this procedure?if you are still having difficulty you need to go back love  when did you have this surgery ? you shouldnt be suffering like this  well thats an understatrment because i am? but getting it sorted ive had to have tests all over again? this is all i can think  whats wrong with you i have left you a few notes i hope they help  dont hesitate to ask ill tell you what i know and hopefully you might be able to resolve it  good luck and hopefully good health xxxxxx
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I had my colon patched with pig skin in 1998 and have had 0 problems with it. it was preformed by DR. Westmorland out of Dallas, TX. Hope u Get better! Maybe u are having other issues not related. ???
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