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ok so here is my question and my symptoms. I had unprotected sex with a guy i have known for a while and it was rough. The next day i was very sore and noticed that my perineum was slightly torn. a few days later i noticed i had symptoms of a yeast infection. BUT i have these little sores on the lips of my vagina. idk if it is a yeast infection or not. It still hurts to urinate and i feel achy all over.
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Dwoodgirl...hate to say this...but, it sounds like you might have genital herpes.  If you have sores all over the lips of your vagina, and your body is achy all over, those are two VERY classic signs.  I certainly am not a doctor, and with just this little post, it is quite hard to say.  But just based on the few things that you said, that is my immediate thought.  I really think you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible to find out for sure what it is.  There is also a forum on here for herpes.  You might want to post your symptoms on there and see what they think.  I am sure they are quite knowledgeable.  But again, we aren't doctors on here...just a group of people trying to help each other out.  I really think you need to go to the dr. as soon as possible.  If it is herpes, they can give you a medication called Valtrex that should reduce the severity of the outbreak.  It may not help with this outbreak if it has been going on for a bit, but it can help prevent or lessen the severity of future outbreaks.  They can also probably give you something for the pain if it is that bad.  If it isn't herpes, they can run some tests to find out what it is.  PLEASE, in the future, ALWAYS have protected sex.  Good luck to you.
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it may be a sexually transmitted infection go to your gp
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