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should I talk to my parents about birth control?

I’m a 16 Yr old girl and have been in a fairly long relationship and i am very comfortable and happy with my boyfriend. I want him to be my first but I am very worried about pregnancy. I want to be safe however I know If I talk to my parents about this they will not allow me to hang out with my boyfriend as my parents are extremely strict.
Should I really be worried about birth control?
Will condoms just be enough?
Is there a way to get birth control in Australia without having to talk to my parents or them finding out?
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Condoms are pretty effective when used correctly but it would be awesome if you were on both birth control pills AND used condoms.  At 16, pregnancy would be a bit of a disaster, I'm sure.  How open are your parents to this subject?  In the states, we have clinics that underage girls can go to. I would imagine that Australia definitely does as well especially since the system provides for kids finishing high school a year earlier there than in the states and they are off to university younger.  You are going to graduate this or next year?
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I graduate next year. My parents are not very open at all on the subject. Do you believe condoms will be enough?
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