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small lump under my armpit

i am 27 tears old and about 12+ months ago i notice a tiny spot under my armpit after a few weeks the spot became bigger in size about the size of a pea. i squeezed it to see if was a spot and doing this caused stuff to come out of it it was very thick whitish/yellowish stuff,i thought that would be it gone.I still have the spot/lump. the only way i can discribe it now is it looks like a wart i tried to squeeze it again and doing so the spot/lump looks it is coming away from my skin in one it looks like it is attatch deep inside like roots or some thing and im affraid that if pull to much the whole thing will come out leaving a big hole and bleeding i am quite worried now and have a fear of going to the doctors.any advise would be extremly greatfull.thank you
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Could it be a seed wart?  I know they have "seed-like" stuff that comes out.  I have a regular wart on my right finger, it's not a seed wart but just a soft wart.  If you try to pull it off, it will bleed and come back.  I think you can get a wart removal kit at the drugstore which will freeze it off.  If it gets worse, or you don't think it's a wart, please go see a doctor.  It could be something else and you just won't know until you go to the doc.
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Try getting an appointment with a dermatologist.  It's less scary than going to a medical DR.
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Possibly an ingrown hair.  I get them from shaving and then putting deoderant on right after ward. the poors get clogged.  See a dermatologist. and he will probably tell you what he said to me apply warm wash cloths.. and it went away hope this helps ease your mind
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I am a 17 year old male and have the exact same thing. I'm rather worried as to what it could be, i think i might book and appointment with a doctor.
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