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smelly discharge from belly button

please help me for years off and on ive had this really smelly discharge from my belly button i went to the doc a few years back he didnt seem worried but now its back i dont wanna go back to my doctor as have been back and forth for weight probs and periods etc and am getting fed up with it all has anyone here experienced this problem or know what it could be i have my belly button peirced but had this problem before that and its horrible pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee help me!!!
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Hi there. You mention weight issues, sometimes when you are overweight some areas (such as belly button )that don't ever get fresh air, get warm and moist and can get an overgrowth of bacteria or thrush.This would explain the smell. Or I could be wrong and it may not be a weight issue at all! If it is, you could try using an antibiotic cream there and if possible get some fresh air to the area. Salty water to wash the area is also really good, and after the shower make sure you dry the area really well, a hair dryer works great (I am a nurse and this is what we get patients to do with the same problem as you, seems to work well.) Anyways, hope this helps some. Good Luck. Sars
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I have the same thing! I thought I was the only one! I also have my belly button peirced and it always smells. I really can not get rid of the smell, I know its horrible. I use Dial antibacterial body wash to try and get rid of the smell. I take out my belly ring and clean it often. I don't really know how to get rid off the smell totally, but Dial helps a little bit. If you find a way, please let me know!

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thank you so much i feel better now ill give it all ago and hope for the best im so happy im not the onlyone and its nothing serious thank you!!
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Just a thought... Maybe the chemicals of the body mixing with the metal of the piercing? Perhaps this could cause an odor?

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stinky belly button can result from an imbalance in body chemistry.  try cleansing your belly button with a q-tip dipped in tea tree oil twice a day for a week... it's great for clearing up bacteria and fungus and will likely resolve it.  good luck! :)
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I have the same problem where my belly button smells. It's always bad after I have ate a large meal. This may be normal for big people. As I am big as well. All I can suggest is cleaning it often and a little lotion to keep the smell away.
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