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sour vaginal discharge

About a year ago I took a round of antibiotics to treat chlamydia but this resulted in me developing what I thought was a yeast infection/thrush. After taking a round of canesten pessary and cream the cottage cheese like discharge went away but I was still left with a VERY sour taste. I mean seriously sour, it almost made my tongue go numb when I tried it.
I've been to about 10 doctors and sexual health advisors and had swabs, pap smears, blood tests and they've even examined my dishachrge under a microscope but every single test has come back clear/normal. I am 18 and am not ready to stop having sex but there has been no improvement whatsoever and it has made me unbelievably insecure to the point where I can't have sex, I can't date and it keeps me up at night. I've read about baking soda, boric acid and a range of other home remedies as nothing that I have been given has had any affect.
There is little to no smell and my discharge is stringy, clumpy and white/yellowish. I know this is not normal despite what all the doctors have told me. I have never had this problem before and I am really clean with a healthy diet. Could it possibly be hormonal? does anyone have any advice or if you've had the same issue could you tell me how long it's lasted for you? I am absolutely desperate!
The worst part is I contracted the chlamydia as a result of rape and I can not stand the idea that he still has control over my life even now.
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I assume you have taken a pregnancy test, both after the assault and more recently if you have had any partners since then?

Have you tried probiotics? (The kind kept in the fridge at the health-food store, not just little dry pills.) If you're certain the yeast infection is gone, the chlamydia is gone and you have no other STDs or infection, then it seems like it's a matter of restoring your normal vaginal flora. I'd always try probiotics for this. It would help get things back to normal after having had antibiotics.
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Also, I'm thinking you need to keep yourself from getting dehydrated, you should be sure the ob/gyn looked for a lost tampon during your pelvic exam, and you should be sure you were swabbed for trich.

Further resource: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/symptoms/17905-vaginal-odor
I took all sorts of really strong probiotics for around 8 months but there was no change and I’ve been checked for trich as well as many other bacterial infections. They looked under a microscope at my bacterial ecosystem however this came back as totally normal
Were the probiotics a vaginal suppository prescribed by your doctor?

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