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spotting and bleeding after loosing virginity

hi, I had sex for the first time 4 days ago and there was lot of blood. We had a intercourse twice on saturday night and of course we used protection. Every day since then I have been spotting and bleeding and my urine gives off a very strong odour. Is this normal or is there something I need to be concerned about?
Thank you!
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the bleeding is normal, you will probably bleed the first few times you have sex, my girlfriend still does from time to time. just make sure that you use proper lubricant because too much friction may cause tearing. As far as the odor, i dont know exactly what could cause that, one possibility could be a urinary tract infection which is common among sexually active girls
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To have that spotting and bleeding after first time sex is absolutly soooo NoRmAl!
you don't have to worry as long as you are using protections!
as thattguyy said above you might have urinary tract infection and its symptoms are buring while urinating,bad odor of urine,more times urinating than usual,if this is ur case u must check a gynecolog as soon as possible to get the right medication
tc !:)
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