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spotting at end of urination

I am spotting lightish pink after i pee and have some sort of discomfort in my abdomen. Also when i finish peeing it feels a little weird not sure oif i would call it pain. It feel like i still need to pee and when i feel this way is when the pink spotting appears on the tissue. There is also white creamy  discharge. I am not sure if this is normal discharge or signs of a yeast infection or ....etc. I had sex with my boyfriend (unprotected) about a week ago on the last day of my period and the days after. I am worried that i am either pregnant or have some kind of infection/disease. Can you possibly tell me what is going on?!!
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Are you late for your period?   You can take a HPT as early as one day late, but some women have to wait even longer.  Are your periods pretty regular?  If you had unprotected sex a few days after your last period started and your periods are on a 28 day (or shorter) cylce then you have a good chance of being pregnant.  Sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days so you could pregnant in the few days preceeding ovulation.  If you know when your next period is due and it comes late then take a test.  That's the only way to be certain.  If it's negative, but you still don't get yourperiod, wait a few days and test again.
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Where is the blood coming from? Sounds like you have a urinary tract infection for one. Some pharmacies have UTI test kits for sale over the counter. They are made by AZO and AZO also makes a pill to help clear up the symptoms but you would also need an antibiotic. As for the possibility of pregnancy. I agree with the other poster, take an HPT. Then you will know more of what you are dealing with. I also suggest that you schedule an appointment with a GYN for an Annual exam. This will clear up all of your questions and all women should have them to maintain good health. Hope you feel better soon.
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I was thinking the same thing either a bladder infection or a uti.  get it checked out becuase it will only get more painful.. speaking from experience.. OUCH!

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I agree that it sounds like a UTI. You need to see a doctor for diagnosis and an antibiotic, because untreated UTIs can develop into kidney infections.
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