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steroid cream and clitoral tears

Several years ago a steroid cream was prescribed by gyno for the tears I got from severe yeast infections (presumably due to a chronic health issue and diet).  There was never a caution of using too much or too often.  Since the yeast infections were recurring, and more tears would appear, I asked my primary care to refill my steroid cream when I called for refills of prescriptions she regularly has me take.  After literally years of refilling the steroid cream she all of a sudden proclaimed "where did you get this? Using this too often can thin the skin"  So now the skin on the hood of my clitoris tears when I just try to free a random piece of toilet paper. I am not sextually active; I am pretty homebound due to my underlying illness.  But, is there anything I can do to repair what appears to be damage?  I certainly don't trust my primary and am looking for a new one.  
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You need to reconsult your GYN Specialist who ordered this or another GYN Specialist ASAP and have this assessed.

"There was never a caution of using too much or too often.".....Well, that can't be totally true because with EVERY Rx. comes a medication leftlet PLUS information stating how the prescriber wants you to apply or take the medication.  You should have probably had this GYN Specialist manage this  Rx. since he/she was the one who prescribed this in the first place.

Are you certain you are dealing with "yeast infections?"  I would recommend getting a second opinion about this.

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Thank you for your input
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