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sticky white stuff coming out my vagina

i have this sticky white stuff coming out of my vagina and i dont know what it is.And i clean my self daily
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its possible to still have vaginal discharge even if you do clean yourself everyday and normally its nothing to worry about unless it has a strong foul or fishy odor or if it causes burning. then you should see a doctor. if it's like cottage cheese you might just have a yeast infection.
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How old are you? What part of your cycle are you in?  Is discharge unusual for you?  Need alittle more background info to really give any substantial advice.
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I have this promblem and like any other girl im really really am confused! Im 15 years old still a virgin ,But i missed a period now its really strange beacause i m normally quiet reglaur. But anyway also i haave white gunky stuff comeing out my vagina and itchyness.
What should i do. And what do you think the promblem is :S
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to the girl above, i think you have a yeast infection. tell your mom and she'll get it taken care of!
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Hyper Girl, how long has it been since you missed your period? It can be stress that's delaying it. You're a virgin so I wouldnt worry about it too much. I would let my mom know if I were you about the white gunky stuff you said. It really does sound like a yeast infection and your mom will know what to do. I honestly dont thing the two are related but make sure to bring both things us when you notify your mom.  
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Thank you to  Posiposi / goingonFiveKids.
                                                         That really has helped me!!!
Yeh i infolmed my mum. And she said not to worry she book me into the doctors.
I was ment to be due on 26 may. And im quiet happy person so i dnt think its stress. But you never no.....!
So do you think yeast infection woudnt make you miss a period i feel like my vagina is swollen i no thats a bit personal but i jus wanna ask sum 1 as if i dnt i be worryin all my life and what is wrong with me now might travel to sumthink more serious x

Welll thank you for those comments really apperaite that

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In my lifetime I've never missed a period over a yeast but not to say it couldnt happen. This is a perfect question to ask your mom and doctor when you see one.  Hope it's nothing big and keep us informed. I am going to have a girl this time around and I would hope she could talk to me about these things too.  
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when u have yeast infection does that have anything to do with late period??
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I will devo inform u hun!
Im goin 2 doctors thursday!
Nah mymum is thhinkin im pregant but i no ive never had sex so i dnt need 2 wory lol!
thank u !
And i think  if ur daughter dont talk to you it be her lost cuz u giv great and advice and it really has madde me feel good
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I'm glad you feel a little at ease. Just relax it's really no biggie. Take care.
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Its just discharge.
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Welll let's jus say i worried over nothink i went to the doctor's 2 dai !
I explained what has been happenin 2 me and i feel like i have an yeast infection !
She told me i was right!
I have a yeast infection and the reason my period is missed is cuz yeast infection *** before period !
So thanks 2 GoingOnFiveKids you have been a help all the way i really am grate fall hun
Any way ive took the tablet and the doctor said it wil clear up in a day or so !!
But im glad i went 2dai is cuz the Doctor said if i didnt go sooner it wud of made me ill sum reason lool
So thanks again mwah 2 all byexx
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I'm so happy its ok, you see! Nothing to be afraid of, and you'll be getting back to normal shortly. Take care.
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ok umm..im also having this whitish to clear stuff coming out of my vagina its kinda gelly like too..its really weird ..and it doesnt itch or burn or anything so i highly doubt its yeast..but still idk what it is or what to do.. :/
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The only time I had a jelly like substance come down was when my mucus plug started to come apart and soon after i went into labor. But this is def not your case since you're not pregnant. I would ask the dr about it.  
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Right i hope i spell this propley vagnatis
u devo have that cuz my mum had that so go to ur gp and see what is but i think its vaginanits
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right the doctor said i wud *** on my period when the yeast infection cleared up but now its cleared up and i have not came on my period cud there b other stuff thats wrong with me llike illness for exsamplexx
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thanks for the advice..but do you have an idea what it could possibly be?
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ive been having a white cottage cheese like discharge for a while now. it never really occured to me to be anything but then it started to itch a little and i started to notice it more. Could this cause any problems since ive probably had this for at least 6 months now or so..
i have no time to go to a doctor right now and i havent in the past really since the kinda of buisness my parents are in. please help me..thank you xoxo
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Hiya its a yesat infection i had it the other week dont worry hun u be ok
Ok darlin jus go to gp
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how do you get it to go away? the only time it seems to stop is when i have my period && then it just comes back again..
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I'm having the exact same problem!!! Its been goin on for like 3 years now it doesnt really affect me no itching or anything like that but i want to if its serious.
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hi, I'm 19 yrs old and i have this thick clear jelly substance coming out of my vagina, i havent had this happent to me, and im kinda confused a/b what is goin on, i have tried figuring out what is goin on with me. I know it isnt a yeast infection cuz i have had a yeast infection, and it itched and burned and it wasnt clear it was a cottage cheese looks substance please help me!!!
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white cottage cheese discharge could mean a yeast infection, and some infections can cause you problems with the female organs if left untreated a long time.  Yeast infection creams can be bought over the counter at walgreens, also you can now buy yeast infection kits to see if you have a yeast infection.  Also you can always go to planned parenthood where they see teen girls and get a check up.  If under 18 its best that you at least keep that open communication with one of your parents and let them no what is going on so they can help, sometimes at a young age, most girls are not intune with there bodies and over look a lot of things.

For the clear sticky discharge that comes out the vagina, if it seems llike that slim you can buy in the 25 cent machine and throw it on the wall and watch it stick to wall, that is normal.  That is a mucus plug that comes down during the time you ovulate, you are fertile at that time, and it lets you no, soon that your cycle will be starting a week later.  I am 32 years old, i didnt start learning ab out my body until i was 20, but it is a wonderful thing to no your body and you should all take the time out to no your body if you dont. For example, i no when im ovulating from change in cervical mucus, my vaginal secrections change when i am very horny or in heat, i no if i am getting a yeast infection before i get the cottage cheese symptom, actually that is the last stage and you just ignored the other symptoms, its important to no these things.  so do some research and keep a little book and chart down things, like when your period starts and ends. if it was differnt one month, pay attention to your vaginal secretions, how they look feel and smell, it dont hurt to smell yourself, its your body. I hope this have helped, im not trying to put anyone down, im just talking from experience, and not to add, i have been a nurse since i was 22 years old.  It would not feel right if i didnt say this, please make sure for the young ladies who are not married that the guy uses a condom if you decide to have sex, birthcontrol pills dont protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.  And you dont want nothing you cant get rid of.  I look at sex like this, if the guy or woman is so eager to give it up, one, they dont respect there body, 2 they must have something they are trying to give me, especially if they are trying to convience me that we should not use a condom.  Have a nice and blessed day, hope this information will at least educate one person that reads this.         ***@****
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