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supplements and depression

i was put on wellbutrin xl (150 mg) back in january..ive been doing really good, and it has helped alot. My problem is that my copay for this is 50$ every time i fill it...this adds up after awhile...and ive been doing some research into supplements (vitamins) Ive read that gingko biloba can help with depression. My question is..does anyone know if you take the gingko ..will it counteract with my wellbutrin or cause any side affects?? I also recently found out my cholesterol is high, 231...and flaxseed oil (a source of omega 3s)can help to bring the cholesterol down. I do not eat any fish (cant stand it) so i would really like to take the flaxseed...if anyone can help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated
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Actually studies Ive just read showed that omega 3 didnt help with cholesterol.  Talk with your pharamcist or Dr about taking these over the counter meds with your prescription.  When taking supplements you should always discuss it with your Dr.  There is places online that you can get your meds for free.  I cant think of the website right now but Ill try to get back to you.  If you meet there requirements they send you free meds or send them to your Dr's office.  Ask your Dr for samples too.  Drug reps are always giving away samples.
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There is a generic go Wellbutrin, it's called buropion (spelling could be off).  It works just as well as the name brand, at least it did for me.  B12 is great for depression.  You cannot take too much of it.  Whatever is extram, is flushed out when you urinate.   As far as the cholesterol.  I'm not sure about supplements.  Diet and exercise are what has reduced mine.  It took about 6 months to get my cholesterol from 247 to 198.  I'm still working on it though.  

Good luck, I definately understand how those $50 copays are painful.
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Try exercise and diet (foods that help lower cholestrol), therefore you wont have to buy any meds or over the counter products.  I did a paper on cholesterol and exercise.  If you walk 30 mins a day (either all at once, 3-10 min walks, 2-15 min walks, etc), it greatly helps reduce cholestrol without needing meds.
Oh and that website is needymeds.com  a lot of the programs have to do with cost of living but sometimes theres one that dont.  Just look for brand name and generics and check each program out and what the requirements are.
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