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swelling in armpit

hi, i m 24 years old not married. for last few years i have a painless swelling in my left armpit it pains when i mass up with it, it is on very small portion in my armpit,it is not growing or getting bigger, i dont feel any hard lump but when i stretch my arm upward i can see my left armpit slighty bigger then my right armpit. and when i stretch my arms outward i can see a defined oval but soft boundary of skin in my left armpit.I have falking skin on my breasts arround areola.except this i dont have any other problem. please kindly tell me what it can be? I m worried kindly reply me ASAP.
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could be lymph glands infected. i would see a doc, just to ease your mind.  it could be nothing or something.
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Hi -- My sis had the same issue -- they were enlarged lymph nodes, it's the bodies way of fighting infection, they enlarge  & are supposed to get smaller, in her case they did not, and she had to have some minor surgery, but not a big deal.
Go to your DOC to get it checked out...
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could be lymph glands infected. i would see a doc, just to ease your mind. it could be nothing or something.

Hi i will look forward to your reply thanks
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I have huge armpit lumps and I have been having them since childhood. It is growing a little with time and now they are approx the size of a lemon. I have never been able to wear sleeveless clothes as it looks so weird. I am very worried about it, it doesnt really pain much. sometimes a little, more often not, I want to get rid of it, please advice what do I do?
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hi i am 25 yrs old unmarried girl.. i have an armpit lump in my right hand since childhood..m gettin married in few months...how do i get rid of the lump.. if it is something of serious concern then i dont want to get married and spoil the guys life.
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