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swollen labia

This past Saturday I was horrified to awaken to a swollen left labia minora as HUGE as a 'small penis'.  PAIN like I can't even describe.  Could not sit, stand, or even walk without horrible pain.   I have given birth (the natural way), had several nasty surgeries etc....yet this was worse.   I am 58 years old, worked in medical field and NEVER have I heard of this situation!     I was so embarassed when I finally had to ask my man (of16 years) to please help me.  My man is fighting prostate cancer.   He loves me.  I love him.  I cherish each day we have together.

I tried every remedy for pain and swelling that I could think of.  Ice, compresses, a fan aimed directly at my 'area'.  NOTHING worked.  However, I did, in desparation apply (would you believe?) ORA-GEL! (yes, TOOTHACHE  medicine).
When it did finally help a VERY small bit, I eased myself onto a flat ice compress.
About 15 minutes later, I suddenly started feeling like I has peed myself.  FLUID was EVERYWHERE!  Reminded of me when my water broke when I was going into labor with my children.  Yes, there was that much!  Couch was soaked.  What a mess to clean up.   My man came to me and helped clean me up.   He is such a blessing.

OMG!   SWEET RELIEF!!!!!!   It has been 3 days and there is very small amout of fluid still draining.  Labia is almost back to normal.    The 'flood of fluid' was incredible.   Such relief has really no description.
I took enough pain meds to subdue a very large animal.....no relief.   But the ORA-GEL, enabled me to sit somewhat properly.   At least enough to get enough pressure on the area for the fluid to burst and drain.  
  I am still amazed that this is the 1 subject that women are still too ashamed and embarassed to talk about.  Even  with my medical background, I can't think of a single case.   After my research on the 'net', I now know that there are MANY of us who just do not know what to do.....I thank God that I have a man that can assure me that I am NOT a freak or think that I was with anyone else.    
  Thank you everyone for listening.   I am brand new to this site...If I can help anyone in anyway...please post.
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