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sypmtoms of pregnancy but I'm not!!

I have many symptoms of being pregnant; feeling nauseas, dizzy, off my food one minute then so hungry the next,  tender breasts, hard swollen tummy, slight fluttering in my tummy and I also look pregnant!! I work in a pub and even strangers ask me when I'm due!! Unfortunately I'm not!!

I have been in hospital, had urine tests, blood tests and even a scan; nothing!

I'm now at a loss as to what it could be. Does anyone have any idea?
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I too have suffered with all the symptoms of being pregnant...while I was not.
I was also on depo for 8 years...and have now been off for 16 months.
I had blood tests and urine tests...missed my af ...so ill...and they had no idea what was wrong with me...
Until I went to the ER with horrific pain....they had seen an ovarian cyst a day b4 via ultrasound.
I went in ....and the cyst had burst....
One of ladies that frequents this forum...suggested it could've been a cyst before I ever found out I had one.
Apparently some mimic preg symptoms.
After getting the burst cyst and all its contents removed...I feel like myself again...
No nausea...no dizziness...no sensitivity to smells...no weird cravings...nadda.
I know you've had a scan....but what you are speaking of...is exactly what was happening to me for months!
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I had problems kind of like what you are describing before. 6 months after I got off Depo Provera, I felt pregnant, I wasn't getting my period, I was nauseous , vomitting, the smell of food would make me sick (and I have all that stuff again but this time I am 22 weeks pregnant) anyways all my doctors thought I was pregnant also.  I had cat scans done, and it showed I had a cyst on my ovary and that my liver enzymes were a little high.  My doctor ended up giving my Provera to jump start my period again and put me on birth control to try to dissolve the cyst so I wouldn't need surgery, and I started feeling better. I don't know if you are late on your period or not, but cysts can make you late. I was also very stressed at my job, and I quit my job during all of this (they weren't very supportive of me being in and out of doctors offices and hospitals) so I just quit, and between the medicine and removing the stress out of my life I started feeling better.
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omg sounds like me.... i am always nauseaous, hot flashes, night sweats, not able to sleep and i am on currently on my 3rd depo shot
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