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taking provera while possibly pregnant?

I had my period March 24 and I have had 2BFN so I went to the dr. today and they gave me another urine test and told me I was not pregnant and it was not neccicery to do a blood test and gave me provera to make my period start.  I am scared that I am pregnant and it could possibly harm the baby.
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If you are pg, the Provera won't do anything.  It won't cause a miscarriage.  Way back in the day, they used to give Provera as a pg test - if you didn't start your period then it meant you were pg.
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Thanks, I got on a site about provera and it said it could cause birth defects, but it was not a manufactures site.  This makes me feel much better.  If I am not pregnant I want my peroid to start so I can keep trying!
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I completely understand how you feel.  You should start your period a couple days after you finish your last dose.

Good luck!
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I was in the same situation at the end of March.  I missed my period in February.  I was suppose to get it again on March 21st according to my cycles.  Still nothing.  On March 26th took another HPT and still (-).  Dr. put me on Provera to start my period.  On March 30th something told me to take a HPT again and it came back (+).  I was so scared that taking the Provera for 5 days harmed the baby because of the things I read also.  Called the Dr. right way scared and she said there is nothing to worry about.  I am 8w5d today and so far so good.  Seen the baby and the heartbeat.  Good luck!
Hi Tamara, I am currently in a similar situation, I am worried since I read all these negative things on the Internet about taking provera while pregnant. I was 2 days in out of the 5 day cycle when I had a weird feeling to stop and I took a test and it's positive.. I already called my dr. And scheduled an appt. But I just want to enjoy the thought of being preg. Without worrying. My question is how did everything turn out for you ?

Thank you
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Thanks, I hope my story ends up like yours and I find out soon I am too.  So you were still ovulating and not having a period?  I have also had a negitive test, but I just feel like I am.
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I got preggers on Depo, teh needle. So if your lucky you will too...gl
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