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What is the best over the counter pill to take for hotflashes,moodswing
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You can take short term hormone replacement therapy with estrogen.  Non-hormonal biphosphonates (such as Fosamax and Actonel) increase bone strength and are available as once-a-week pills. These can also be taken.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Hi there.  Just to clarify that the above are prescription medications rather than over the counter.  good luck
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Hello & SO sorry for your discomfort. I suffered terribly from hotflashes-to the point of it ruining my life! I tried hormone replacement therapy & everything from black cohosh...to anything else you can imagine. I finally found a total help in the oddest place LOL. A friend sent me to a psychic, because she felt so bad for the decline in my life! Anyway, this psychic recommended taking turmeric powder- 1/5 of a teaspoon 3 times a week. I thought, what the heck? So, every Sunday, Tuesday & Friday I faithfully took my dose {doesn't have to be exactly 1/5-as it does not have any side effects} & OMG!!!!!!! My hotflashes went down by about 80% & were much more manageable. It takes a few weeks to get into your system, so don't think it's not working until you've at least given it 2 months or so. I'd love to hear your story after trying this...it has given me back my life. BUT, I got cocky after about a yr & stopped taking this & WHOP! I got hotflashes back like a punch in the gut! Good luck & even though it seems like it's too easy an answer, what have you got to lose? Turmeric also helps in many other problems. Please give feedback so others have luck as well.
Hello and welcome to the forum!  Wow, who'd have thought turmeric would have that affect (and recommended by a psychic no less . . . love it!).  I have resorted to sleeping with a fan blowing directly straight on me when sleeping.  But the flashes that creep up on me mid day out of nowhere?  Ugh.  People see me turn flushed and break out in a sweat for no reason and I'm like "ya, good times".  

I'm going to investigate turmeric.  I'm glad you are here!  WE can share and commiserate together.  :>)  Anything for mood swings?
Don't know anything for mood swings, I get very weepy...but, oh well! I cry if the wind blows...or if someone is wearing a blue shirt LOL...But OMG! The turmeric has def changed my life. I suffered from SEVERE hotflashes for 10 yrs until I found turmeric!!! 10 yrs! I used to wake up 3-4 times per night to change my clothes, as they were sopped right through. My air conditioner was on ALL the time-even in winter.
Do you just eat it by the spoon or mix it in anything?  Is it yucky? :>))
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I just put it on the tip of a spoon & make sure you let it dissolve under your tongue. Tastes a little like pepper...but not bad. I don't put it in anything, as it was recommended under the tongue for better absorption
Did your doctor give you any advice on the tumerac too?
She just told me that turmeric is used around the world for many things.
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