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the dreaded pms...

hi everyone ;)
im on cycle day 18..should be starting my period in about 10 days or so. today i've had weird heart jumping feeling. i do get heartburn frequently so i've been doing nexium pretty regularly for the past 2 weeks. i also am a newbie to anxiety but seem to be getting it under control without medication. my question is how early have some experienced pms symptoms? ie: cramping,moodiness,headaches,fatigue. for the last 2 months my period was dreadful mainly with anxiety and cramping. Im curious to start some vitamins but not sure which ones?
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Hi there.  If I am having a normal 28 day cycle--------  the third week of that, I will have pms.  That is about where you are at, right?  I went through a period of even longer cycles which was a huge pain because I still started pms at the same 3 week mark and it would last awhile.  

Anxiety is tough.  We all have it from time to time and pms can exacerbate it.  I get horrible insomnia for about 2 or 3 nights right before my period.  I also have more symptoms of anxiety, etc.  One thing that helps is to make sure and exercise.  This is a natural way of relieving stress as it releases the brain's own "happy" chemical as well as helps us maintain a normal sleep pattern.  So, make sure that you continue to try and exercise during that time and if you don't exercise regularly now, start!  

I'm a fan of a good complete vitamin.  Covers all my basis and I add extra calcium and Vit. D.  good luck
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thank you so much for your help. i will look into the vitamins. i used to excercise 4-5 days a week religiously. hubby is a bodybuilder and he's always onto me about starting to excercise again. I've gained about 8 lbs in the last 8 months which to me is alot. and i notice a huge difference in my energy. just holding my arm up is draining or walking up stairs. I will definitely start back up :) thanks again.
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