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thigh bone.

on my thigh legs just below the bum, I have bones sticking out on either side, they are like lumps. It is bone thats sticks out not fat, so I don't know who to get rid of it. It makes it hard to wear clothes that make you look decent. From my thigh I move up to my hip there is the lump and then after the lump the bone is sucked it, it feels like it curve on the side of my hips, on both sides. what do I do?
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I guess the first thing to do if I were you is check with a doctor to be sure you are feeling exactly what you think you are feeling, and that the shape of the bone there is normal.  If it is, then you get to work out styles that are most flattering for your body shape.  My nephew has a bone in his upper spine that sticks way out, it's just the way of his body.  But if that isn't what you're feeling, it's worth knowing, that is why I suggest a doc look you over.  Good luck.
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My thigh bones are the same way! They look sort of like saddle bags, but rather than fat, they're bones. I've been wanting to see a doctor about it, but it seems so trivial a problem (for me, it's more of an aesthetic concern than a health concern) that I'm embarrassed to see one. I have a hypothesis (which may be completely incorrect) that my posture during my pre-adolescent and adolescent years contributed to the problem. I used to always switch from leaning on one leg to leaning on the other when I was standing; I would never stand up straight because I was embarrassed of my height and wanted to appear shorter. I'm wondering if all that leaning on one leg during my growth and development caused my upper thigh bones to stick out permanently.
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I have the same problem and so does my cousin. It seems to be a very rare  body type. I can't find any information about it online. I would love to see a doctor but I'm not sure which kind to consult. Due to the fact that it's bone related I have a feeling there isn't much that could be done... Although any info would be greatly appreciated.

I find it very uncomfortable to sleep on my side. My protruding femur bones(the area of bone, I think, is called the greater trochanter), tilt my pelvis and slant my spine. I have a lot of back pain and I think it's from sleeping with this. I try to sleep on my back but I tend to wake up on my side. Iv been told to use a pillow between my knees but it has no effect, as my hips are not the issue.

The cherry on the top is the only clothes that look OK are mini skirts and hot shorts, which is hugely limiting. Underwear and costumes are a complete fail so I always wear shorts on the beach. Gyming and diet have no affect on the shape...
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