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ttc after iud removal

Hello everyone, I had my copper iud removed on October 6 after having it in for about 11 months so my husband and I could ttc our 3rd. I had my af every month on a regular cycle while iud was in. Since it has been removed my af was due to arrive October 20th but nothing yet. We took a hpt after af was 1 week late and it was negative. Had some symptons of pregnancy, such as nausea and sore breasts, which I have read other woman say is common after iud removal. AF is now 2 weeks late and do not feel any symptons of her arrival. I called my OB today and she said that it is not abnormal for period to not come after removal, but said to wait until the 10th of this month and then take another hpt. If that shows negative and af does not arrive by the 20th to call back and she will prescribe med to induce period. She did tell me however that just because I was not getting period does not meen ovulation is not occuring, and that I could monitor with test kit. Has anyone ever had anything like this occur after iud removal? Doc had originally told me that fertility should not be effected by iud, and since I was on a copper one and always got my period that we could ttc right away and did not have to wait for cycles to regulate, since they always were. We already have two winter babies and would love to have a summer baby, but of course would just be grateful for a happy and healthy baby/pregnancy no matter when it happens. Any input anyone can share would be greatly appreciated, and here is to sprinkling baby dust to all of us ttc.
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