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ttc can antobiodics cause a delay in your period

Ttc on antibiotics y.i and very sore nipples while breastfeeding please help?Last week I went to the doctors n found out I had signs of bronchitis. So I was put on a antibiotic along with a few other meds. The antibio. Gave me a really bad yeast infection . And I got meds for that too 
1, can antibiodics cause a delay or a missed period?
I am ttc and I bd on fertile days and all ..so taking the antibiodic came basicly on my 2 week wait
I also have ben having cravings for chocolate while I was taking these meds
2. Can taking anti. Cause really sore nipples while breastfeeding?
3. I had ben loosing weight is this frm breastfeeding .. Finally paying off at 13 months
Last my period has ben sort of suprising me last month it was due on the 19 n came on the 15 ... So I wonder if itll be late this month or could I possibly get a bfp.. Im scared to think happily because im not sure if the meds.. Antibiodics are causing these things please help any advice on what to think.. Thank you
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Yes, antibiotics can cause a delay in your cycle. But so can breastfeeding. Sore nipples usually would only occur because of hormonal fluctuations (usually due to PMS or pregnancy). If you've been breastfeeding for a while then I doubt the sore nipples would be from that since you'd be over the painful side of breastfeeding at this point.

If you suspect you're pregnant, you have to take a test with first morning urine and that will tell you whether you are or not. If not - then you know it's just late either because you are still breastfeeding (which alone makes your cycles a bit irregular) or because of the antibiotics.
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